Thursday, March 18, 2010

"Might As Well JUMP!"

I joined a website that caters to females in the over-50 crowd. Then I found a discussion that asked people to share 7 things that scare them.

Being the unconventional, non-conformist that I am I decided to discuss hitchhiking.

This is what I wrote: "I created a unique signature for my email: "I don't think outside the box...I rise up with a balloon."

The same thing can be said when you jump out on the road that leads away from safe, stable behavior. There is no big box looming behind you...ordering you back to the curb of careful, conservative thinking. There is only a free-floating desire to experience something wild and challenging.

I have hitchhiked for seventeen-years through every State in North America, most of the Provinces of Canada and Alaska.

Hitchhiking has made my life an amazing adventure.

You can read more about my experiences when you visit my blog, "Ruthie In The Sky." The link is listed in my profile. Don't be it without fear. And then make up your own mind."
Tawnya responded with the following: "RuthieRader, I read your blog and I'm fearful for you... it's a dangerous world and it seems you are taking your life and giving it to complete strangers, daily, expecting them to take care of you, feed you, house you, and nurture you. I really don't understand this whimsical and selfish journey you are taking in your life. Hugs to you and stay safe and please tether your balloon occasionally."
So I declared: " read my blog? How much of it? I've maintained it since December 2004 and if you glance at the archive list, there's a whole LOTTA posts included. But thank you for checking it out, anyway. As to your comments, please allow me to respond to them one-by-one here.

First of all, you say that you're "fearful" for me. Why? Because I hitchhike? Tawnya, I could get in the way of a bullet while munching on a burger at Mickey D's. Or while passing by a school. Or while shopping at Wally World. Shooters do what they do and usually in public places.

For that matter, as you know from your military background, we are ALL living on borrowed time here. The global political situation is shifting and terrorism is very real. At any time, the USA could face something catastrophic, a la 9/11 but much worse.

I could live in a stationary plastic bubble and still face a threat. That's a fact. But I don't let it overwhelm me.

You feel that "it's a dangerous world." I believe that the world has dangers but on the whole it's pretty amazing.

You feel that I am "expecting" others to take care of me?

Because this website might not appreciate it, I won't include the response that I'd prefer to with regard to your statement. But if you wish to correspond with me, you can either email me (the address is listed at the top of my blog) or just send me a private message.

I count more on God than I do on anybody.

My footsteps are not "whimsical" nor are they totally "selfish." I write to make people think and that's what many of my readers do.

As to the "tether" suggestion...that's why so many people watch reality shows, Tawnya. Because they never pump enough helium into their life to let it rise above the ground. But they wish that they could. Hence, the existence of vicarious TV viewers. Always remember and never forget: Fear is a fence and Faith is a bridge.

In conclusion, I invite you to listen to a song by Gordon Lightfoot called "Sit Down Young Stranger." It has a purpose here."
After reading all of the words, Dawn, my friend on Facebook, shared these beautiful words with me: "Well first off let me congratulate you for handling that so wonderfully! You are so articulate, so intelligent, you completely blew her out of the water! She is from a whole other world, she has no comprehension of who you are and what you have done and I highly doubt she read much of your blog.
The "selfish" remark was absolutely ridiculous!! She doesn't even know what you have done, what you are doing and what you are trying to do! She is "selfish" in her thinking. Her "7 things that scared me" are laughable!! Scared of playing tennis?? of entertaining?? well la-de-da! Like I said, she is from a whole other world ;) She couldn't last 24 hours in your shoes, and I would much rather look at life thru your eyes than hers. She is completely full of herself !!"
Yeah, Dawn, she's full of SOMETHING.

Dawn is from California...the Land of "Stand Back, Man...I'm Gonna Try This!"


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