Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Ruthie Goes Home To The Ocean!

I can't stop smiling.

I left a city on the Oregon border, right above California, yesterday and headed for a shelter back up north.

Less than 24 hours later, my whole life turned around.

Ladies and Gentleman: I am now going to be the happy renter of a cabana in a small quadplex in Gold Beach, Oregon.

Gold Beach is situated right on the Pacific Ocean.

My cabana is about four blocks from the beach and those mighty, awesome waves.

I GOT ME A HOME BY THE OCEAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Gold Beach is a small, seaside city with a considerable tourist trade in the summer.

Now, with my laptop and my windows open to the ocean breeze, I will write like I never have before.

My new home includes a TV (which I plan to attach to a cable) a washer/dryer, microwave and a separate bed and bath. And it is fully furnished.

The best part?

I will only have to pay a stipend to cover utilities. Other than that, the cabana will be rent-free. A grant will cover the rest and if I want to I will live in it for the next three-years.

It's called being blessed by God and in the right place at the right place.

How do you like that, Campers?

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