Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Ruthie On The Road, Update

A Rolling Rocket!

Photo By Ruth Rader

It sure is nice to finally use my own computer at this library in Ontario, Oregon. I really never thought that I'd see the day. But my laptop is plugged-in to an outlet in the wall and I am typing away...on my own keyboard.

I arrived back in Oregon yesterday afternoon after taking a side-trip to Payette, Idaho.

The nice people in Spudville bought me a motel room in Ontario, gave me a bag of munchies and paid for my ride to Oregon.

Obviously, I am not sure what I am going to do now. I am broke and I have no feasible plan of action at this point.

I just knew that I had to get this done. So I did.

At least I will be able to hitchhike in Oregon...although at this point, I have no clear idea where I will go.

Shelters are all full in this State and that is the same situation across the Country.

So what will I do?

Sit under a tree and slowly freeze?

Naw...despite the present situation, I don't have the Koenig/Blosil syndrome. I plan to live for as long as I can.

So where I go from here is any body's guess. But that's the magic of
being Ruthie On The Road.

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Belle Starr said...

Mary Sojourner here - we just met in Bend. Your writing and your spirit are a refreshment in these shabby times. Thank you.

my blog is at marysojourner.com