Friday, March 05, 2010

Ruthie On The Road, Update

There is an old, leather heart that beats in Central Oregon. I felt it's tempo intertwine with mine the other night...

After my last post, I trudged up the main street and was almost to the last set of signal lights in Ontario, Oregon when I heard a voice calling.

"Hey, Lady, do you need a ride?"

I turned and looked across the two lanes of traffic and saw a woman standing by her pickup truck with a cart full of groceries.

I nodded yes and smiled. She smiled back.

When the traffic cleared, I walked across the street and met her in the grocery store parking lot.

"You look like you could use a lift" the woman remarked and glanced at my pack.

"Yeah, I have that problem all the time" I explained and slung my pack into the bed of the truck.

As she drove, she told me a little about herself. Her name is Michelle and her husband is a Viet Nam veteran who has lost his love for life.

They have been fighting a lot lately and after years of marriage, Michelle is considering getting a divorce.

"If he wasn't in such a rotten mood right now, I'd take you home to my home tonight" she said.

"Well" I said, after I climbed out of the truck, "Remind your husband that he is blessed: He has a warm home to sleep in tonight, he has food in the kitchen and he has you. God has given him blessings and he'll lose all of them if he doesn't take care of them."

Michelle gave me a serious look and declared, "I'll tell him that."

Then she handed me twenty-three dollars in cash and drove away.

The sun sent out its last beams above the distant hills. I waved the cloud of field flies out of my face and stuck out my thumb.

I had to get across Highway 20 and I was still several miles outside the city of Vale, Oregon.

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