Monday, March 08, 2010

Ruthie On The Road, Update

I never made it out of Bend on the first try.

Saturday night brought in a cold wind that touched my bones. I shivered and scrunched while I sat on a big rock by the side of the highway.

No one stopped.

Finally a young man walked over and offered to take me back up the road to the shelter.

I have never liked that place. But when he grabbed my pack and gently suggested that I get off my shivering butt and follow him, I did. Yeah, I trotted along behind him like a Popsicle puppy.

The guys who met us at the gate were reasonable. They got me some hot tea, bedding, warm blankets and put me in the lounge room by myself.

After some sleep, a good morning shower and a hot meal, I took off again yesterday.

But the drivers in Bend are stubborn.

So it took the rest of the day to get two rides to where I am now.

I have left Highway 20 and am in the mountains...kinda-sorta on the trail to Eugene, Oregon.

A young couple picked me up and the girl told me about her mother. It turns out that I have a clone out in the roadie universe. Her mom hitchhikes, or has, all over, and she is in my age-range, too.

Hopefully, I will eventually be able to meet her.

The couple bought me dinner and a motel room.

We have discussed my options and I am dreaming of a little cabin in the woods.

Meanwhile, I have to go get a shower now and get ready to go back on the road.


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