Thursday, March 11, 2010

Ruthie On The Road, Update

I left that library building in Veneta, Oregon and walked over to the Senior Center.

It looked like a place to stay all I did.

I had no blanket and when I checked my cell phone, I read the winter weather advisory for that area.

It was obvious that I would have struggle to keep the cold at bay. Actually, I wanted to tell the cold to go jump IN a bay.

I sat down, opened my pack and pulled out two sweatshirts and my Penn State jacket.

Then I sat on my pack, wrapped up in everything, leaned back and closed my eyes.

The cold smacked me in the face and woke me up twenty-minutes later.

It went on like that all night. And I think I shivered ten-pounds off of my freezing frame by morning.

A pack of coyotes began to howl in the distance.

I thought "What are you pups crying about, you're the lucky ones wearing the fur."

A tall man finally walked up on the porch, unlocked the door and took my frosted self inside.

I slipped into a hot mug of coffee, thawing my thoughts while I exhaled caffeine steam.

Then I ate, took a sponge bath in the bathroom (complete with a heated towel), played bingo and ate lunch with the senior crowd.

I felt renewed and so I walked back down the hill to the highway.

After I dropped my backpack and turned around, I put my thumb out and assumed the roadie stance.

Country music from my Walkman blared in my ears.

Then a Yellow Cab minivan taxi pulled over and stopped.

I walked over when I saw the driver lower the passenger-side window.

"I don't have the fare, sweetie but thanks for stopping anyway." I said.

The driver, a young man, shook his head and smiled.

"Where ya going?" he asked.

"Florence, next, the Coast." I replied.

"Well, get in." he said.

He drove me 45 miles to Florence, Oregon for free.

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