Saturday, March 06, 2010

Ruthie On The Road, Update

The Cafe, which is located on the westbound side of Highway 20, is a faded, wood reminder of Oregon's past.

It stands in all of it's lonesome splendor in what's left of the outpost known as Brothers, Oregon.

There is no fuel left in the old pumps in front of the building. And two ponies stare at a mostly empty road from behind a barbed-wire fence.

A realtor's "For Sale" sign foretells the business's final demise.

But the two women that I met inside packed me a dinner of sandwiches, chips, a brownie and hot coffee to go. I paid them, said thank you and told them that I'd be back in the morning.

Then I walked back down to the rest area.

It was a bit freaky to hang-out in that rest area bathroom overnight.

But it was lit, out of the wind and somewhat that's where I spent my time until the next morning.

Thank God for small favors...I always say.

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