Sunday, March 21, 2010

Ruthie On The Road, Update

I am still in Medford, Oregon tonight. But I am in a much nicer motel room in a better area.

I did my laundry and now I am listening to the songs that I picked-out on the LaLa music site last night.

I am here due to the generosity of several dedicated angels. One of them is a lady who read my recent blog posts and zeroed-in on my experience in Grants Pass.

She is from that city and after reading my post describing what happened to me there, she sent me this email:

"Hi Ruth,

I just read a few of your posts. I was sad to hear that the people in my town (Grants Pass) were not more welcoming. I will be in Medford tomorrow for business between the hours of 1-3pm. Perhaps I could offer you a meal and some assistance."

Well, what that incredible lady ended up doing was buying me a motel room for the next three days.

I sent her an email back and I will share some of it here:

"There are women who vanish and become victims of violence in this
State. And I wonder what would have happened to me if I hadn't given
my problem to God that night and allowed him to guide my steps?

That "shelter" carries a very serious responsibility. And that woman
who gave me no mercy that night should be enlightened. I pray that God
takes care of it if no one else does.

Because someone will come to that door again. And that person will
need help. And she may not be made of the stuff that I am.

If something bad happens to that will the community of
Grants Pass live with it?

Walk into that so-called 'Gospel Mission' sometime. Look at the couches and stuffed
chairs that could have held me that night. Then walk across the street to the bench in the dark park where I sat in frustrated bewilderment for awhile.

Imagine me left foot swollen in my boot and dreading the
long walk to nowhere with my heavy backpack.

Picture me turning around and looking back at the lights of the
"mission"...shining like beacons in the night...but not for me.

God had nothing to do with the decision that the woman in that
building made that night."

My friends are already lining-up someone to keep me until April. During that time I will look diligently for permanent housing.

And I am now beginning the outline for my story. More on that in future posts.

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