Sunday, March 28, 2010

Ruthie On The Road, Update

I went with my friend Rick over to see the attic space. It was not what we expected and I didn't take it. The couple were very young and hadn't even bothered to mow the front lawn, much less clean up the inside of the house. But when Rick and I climbed the steps to the attic, we were hit in the sinuses by a strong scent of mildew. Mildew to that extent in Western Oregon means only one thing: MOLD. And mold in the Pacific Northwest is toxic.

Of course, the dirty sheet covering the mattress on the floor didn't improve the ambiance.

So Rick drove me up to Grants Pass and we went back to the mission. THIS time they said that they couldn't keep me because they can't authorize intakes on the weekend. But they did heat me up two slices of pizza and a cheese bread stick. They also gave me a bag of apples for the road.

It wasn't a perfect scenario...but it was an improvement!

Rick drove me up to a rest area that is north of Grants Pass. We said our goodbyes and I got a hot drink from the coffee wagon there.

Then I walked down the ramp and only hitched for about five minutes when a young man stopped and picked me up.

We talked quite a bit and he drove farther and farther north with me. We stopped at one point and had a nice dinner at Denny's and then went back on the road again.

I am sitting in his house now, he and his roommates have gone to bed and everything is quiet. I finished my laundry and I will be able to take a shower in the morning before I get back on the road again.

I am almost to Highway 20...which I plan to follow all the way back to Ontario, Oregon. I hope to be there by Thursday.

Somewhere, somehow, I will meet someone who is a good person like Blandine and Rick.
I would like to thank them for giving me a wonderful rest in Medford. And I am also sending out a thank you to Realtor Melinda. Mwah!

Don't worry, home is waiting for me out there somewhere. I have faith that God will finally lead me to it.

He never forgets His own.

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