Monday, March 29, 2010

Ruthie On The Road, Update

The young man brought me to Mickey D's before driving me back to Highway 20. I got rides, alright, but then I was left in a more desolate location in the Cascade Mountains.

And the rain began to fall.

Nobody stopped.

They drove by me on a Sunday afternoon while I stood in the pouring rain. I got colder and colder.

Finally a man in his seventies with a male friend (who is deaf) stopped. They brought me back to Bend, Oregon.

And I slept at the shelter last night. What surprised me was how welcoming everybody was. What a difference from Medford!

The social worker there remembered me and took me in with a big smile.

She said that she'd had a long day and my appearance there cheered her right up.

But she's off today and things are not the same there.

A winter storm watch and a high wind warning have been posted for this area. The storm is supposed to wreak havoc all the way to Brothers,Oregon.

Where I will be tonight remains a topic of debate. I will explain that later.

For now, I am waiting to hear what the decision will be.

I just want it to be Thursday evening in Ontario.

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