Friday, March 05, 2010

Ruthie On The Road, Update

He gripped the steering wheel with a kind of fierce tenacity and barely spoke a word.

But it was something else that activated the alarm bell in my head:

He never made eye contact with me.

We crossed the open desert in silence.

Finally, he startled me by announcing that he was going to stop at an upcoming rest area. Then he said that he might get coffee at a nearby cafe.

"Oh good" I said, anticipating my exit, "I could use a cup of that, myself."

"I'd rather that you didn't" he said in a weird voice.

He pulled into the rest area and parked his car.

I said, "Listen, buddy, I appreciate the ride but I'm gonna switch horses here" and climbed out of his car.

I left the front passenger door open as I opened the back seat to retrieve my backpack.

The Creepy Guy reached over to close the front passenger door and I punched a hole in his comprehension with my voice.

"Wait a minute, you just wait until I get my pack out before you close that door!" I ordered.

The vibe that I only send out when necessary slammed into his consciousness.

The guy froze.

I pulled out my belongings and then slammed both doors.

He headed for the men's room.

I strode into the women's bathroom.

Two minutes later, when I peeked around the corner, I saw that The Creepy Guy didn't wait for me.

When I walked up the road to the Cafe, I learned that he never stopped for coffee, either.

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