Friday, March 05, 2010

Ruthie On The Road, Update

An ancient screen door opened as a porch light flashed on.

A woman stepped out with a small herd of big dogs.

After a few minutes, that wonderful woman invited me into her unique and secluded world.

She is a modern day pioneer.

There, 30 miles west of Vale, Oregon and about ten miles from Highway 20...this amazing woman lives in a house loaded with Oregon's past.

There are cowboy hats, saddles, antique lamps, wall-hangings woven from wool a rude reminder of our present day existence...a large SONY flat-screen TV in the middle of it all.

This amazing woman arrived there years ago and remains as determined as the juniper trees to remain.

She brewed tea with honey and heated up a plate of Mexican food for me. Then she led me to a back room where a bed covered with warm quilts became mine for the night.

In the morning, she drove me back to Highway 20.

But I didn't resume hitchhiking right away. Oh no.

She opened the door to a bar/gas station/convenience store and said, "Come on in and meet the gang"

So I did.

And after drinking a few cups of strong, piping hot coffee and packing away some munchies, I waved goodbye to my new friends.

As I walked down the road I noticed a blue heron flapping its huge wings above a steaming riverbed.

Then I turned around and stared at the long road behind me. There was no traffic on it.

I stuck out my thumb anyway.

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