Monday, March 22, 2010

Sunset Grille Four

This is the fourth in a series called "Sunset Grille Posts" which can be found near the bottom of the right-side menu here. The story is fiction but might be related to something real:

She walked down the bridge, looking for a break in the fence line, just big enough for her to slide through.

Finally she found it.

After pushing the chain link aside, just a bit, she shimmied through. Something whispered in her thoughts that she had just stepped over a threshold, crossed a bridge and walked through a mystical door. She was in.

The girl had chosen to make her way to this point at 11AM. The sky was clear and the sun was rising high in the sky. There would be plenty of daylight to guide her along.

She walked across the field and didn't care who saw her. Somehow she knew that it wouldn't matter.

A train clanked by, in overloaded diesel mode, behind her. A jet drew a white crack of thunder across the sky above her. But she didn't pay attention to either one.

She reached the other side of the field and stopped.

She gazed warily at the line of dark, tall trees in front of her. Each one stood like a silent guard. She was sure that whatever she was after was just beyond that intimidating row of pines.

The girl hitched up her small backpack, took a deep breath and marched into the woods.

After a few minutes, she put the headphones over her ears and turned on her Walkman.

But instead of hearing the stabbing tones of Morse Code, she heard

It made the hairs on her neck stand up. It gave her chills and then the ground around her began to churn. All the leaves and twigs and stones and ferns blended and spun together into a hot, stinking ooze.

She screamed and a large, fat spider fell from a tree limb and into her mouth.

Hysterical, she put both hands between her lips and brushed the spider out. The slick, black insect opened two wings, flew down and latched onto her leg.

When she tried to brush it off, the arachnid dug the tips of its eight legs into her skin.

The air around the girl smelled like death. Oxygen had been replaced by the stench of rotting human remains.

She shook off her backpack, unzipped it and then grabbed a small knife that she wisely brought with her.

She leaned over and sliced the spider off of her leg. That's when she noticed the white skull on its back.

Grabbing the backpack in one hand and brandishing the knife in her other hand, she ran.

Just before she reached the edge of the trees, she heard a voice howl.

"Next time, we will take your eggs and bury you in the earth with the others."

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