Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Commenting About Crazy Charlie Feld

I was about to post about the mine situation (which I will in my next post) when in popped this comment:

"Unfortunately I am related to this man and I don't know if you are in the Island counties any more but I hope you had a chance to warn others about him while you were there. Most of his family hopes he will be put away for a long time, he has been a source of a lot of fear and grief.
Thank you for your post."

The woman included contact information, of sorts, photos and a set of blogs, too. She appears to be a very sweet and talented lady.

How she is related to Crazy Charlie Feld, I don't yet know. But that is who she is referring to in her comment.

She is familiar with Bellingham, Washington. I know that Crazy Charlie told me once that he used to live there. But then, he also, from what I've read, used to terrorize people in West Virginia and Minneapolis, too.

Yeah, that pathetic jerk has quite a rotten history.

And for what he's done in his life to other people, I doubt that anybody is going to send him a Hallmark card anytime soon.

I appreciate your comment, Rei. And honey, if he caused you any trouble in the past...just know that he's caught in his own trap now. So just let karma take its course.

I told Crazy Charlie once that "life has a way of evening up the score."

I'm right. He's wrong. There you go.

And for those of you who may not be familiar with this story, here is the link to my original post:

Crazy Charlie's Last Crime


Mandy said...

Ruthie, I remember meeting you. And I am related, not by blood, to Charlie. I remember Charlie and my Mother taking you into their home while you needed a place to stay. Funny, that you abash a man so badly that let you sleep under their roof and eat their food, and take you to value village to get some clothes for your trip. But what breaks my heart most is that the affect your blog has had on his wife, my mother, now that Charlie is gone. My mothers sister has found your blog and blown it to amazing proportions to her parents whom own the land that my mother and Charlie lived on. Their now forcing my mother out of what she has called home her entire life. I hope my mother never did you any harm, she may be married to Charlie, but even through his rants of religion and conspiracy theory... she was just happy after more than a decade of lonliness from a nasty divorce. I hope you can take some of my words to heart... I'm truly sorry for the people that Charlie has hurt, but to me, after he got the point that I would not tolerate his point of view, he truly was just someone that did not mean harm to those he cared for.

Ruthie In The Sky said...

You appear to be in a tremendous state of denial, "Mandy."

Here is the real truth, if you want to look at it:

FELD, CHARLES EUGENE Incarceration Date: 09:30:00 04/03/10 Arrest Date: 06:13:00 04/03/10
Arrest Location: 4623 EDENS RD

18:21:00 04/02/10 FIREARMS OFFENSES 10-04123 DC V10-128
18:21:00 04/02/10 MURDER 2 10-04123 DC V10-128
18:21:00 04/02/10 ARSON 1ST DEGREE 10-04123 DC V10-128
00:00:00 04/02/10 UNLAWFUL FIREARMS 10-04123
00:00:00 04/02/10 MURDER 1 PREMEDITATED 10-04123
00:00:00 04/02/10 ASSAULT 1ST DEGREE 10-04123
00:00:00 04/02/10 ARSON 1ST DEGREE 10-04123_________________________

I don't remember meeting you but then, at this point, it is inconsequential, honey bunch.

Charlie didn't "help" me and your mother should have put her foot down the minute that he started acting like an idiot.

It appears that you want to blame everyone else except Charlie for your mother's misfortune. She married him and she stayed with him. And I assume, she allowed him to send me death threats by email until the court intervened and put a stop to it.

And she most likely was with him on the night that he pulled the Stupid Crime Of The Century on Guemes Island.

Charlie showed his true colors while I was still at his house.
And that is why I stayed in regular contact with a friend of mine who is a private investigator until I left that island.

I knew Charlie's background before the last time that I walked down that driveway.

And that is why someone else took me across the water to Anacortes on the day that I left.

Because as he proved after I departed, Charlie is a very bad man.

The only person who blew things to "amazing proportions" is Charlie. And he did that first by emailing me and then by attacking innocent people, almost murdering one of them and burning the guy's house down!! I mean, WTF??!!

Ruthie In The Sky said...

So, in conclusion, "Mandy":

1.) I suggest that you make sure that your mama stays far away from Crazy Charlie.

2.) The law isn't joking around with this anymore.

3.) I don't blame your family for wanting to reclaim their land.

4.) Charlie almost murdered an unarmed man. I believe that God made that gun jam. Take the message for what it's worth.

5.) Pick up the pieces, love each other and don't waste any more time on someone as damned stupid, eternally rotten and seriously deluded as Crazy Charlie Feld.

Mandy said...

Ruthie, I am seriously aware of the damage that Charlie has caused, and what he has done. I do know how to look up the skagit county jail roster... I have looked at it many times. I will not be one to say that Charlie didn't do bad, and he will be serving the time due to him.

I cannot stand up for him Ruthie because I am not aware of what he did to you. I'm a firm believer in listening to both sides and forming my own opinion. But, in all ways, no matter who deserves what, the grief that is being caused is nothing that should be said "is deserved".

I can't begin to tell you the things that Charlie has said to me, the crazy emails I got, for some reason he was so much more worse via email. But, Ruthie, did you know the man that came to the house that day with 3 other guys and a baseball bat threatening Charlie and my mothers life? No denying Charlie went too far, but knowing that other man, Steven, makes some things not add up, and makes the story all the clearer.

I have spoken with the lead investigator, Ben, please don't think too quickly that I am in the dark, in denial, or don't know any better. My mother's sister delights in my mothers misfortune, it has been a battle of the inheritance since I can long remember. Where a retired late 50's women with a bad shoulder and knee will go, I have no idea, I would take her in, but the only room I have left is being prepared for a baby...

You have a sharp tongue Ruthie, and you are set in what you believe and know as I am set in what I believe and know, but then again, we are looking at the same lake but see it so differently because we are standing at opposite ends. Days before Charlie "lost it", I complained of still being able to smell puppy pee in my den, the next day I came home and Charlie had steam cleaned my whole home. There is always a good in someone, optimism is a nice attribute to have.

Charlie shared his history with the law to us, I knew the stories behind the convictions he had, he did not hide them. And as hard as it was, I tried not to judge, it is not my job to judge, and it did take me a long time to just accept Charlie for what he was, and what he was to me was happiness for my mother. I hope Ruthie, that someday I can sit across from you with coffee and we can bicker about all these insignificant events someday, and hopefully laugh at them. But for now, I will just let my nose tingle as I feel the tears come on as I greive for the hurt that has been to done to everyone, those affected and not affected by Charlie.

All my admiration, Me

Ruthie In The Sky said...

The reality is that Crazy Charlie nearly put a bullet into another human being that would've killed that individual. And if they who came to his house were all that much of a threat, then they wouldn't have retreated as fast as they did. Charlie nearly murdered one of them.
At least one.

And when the gun jammed (which I still maintain is because of God's intervention) the idiot burned the guy's house down!!

No, I have nothing but pure and absolute disdain for Crazy Charlie's beliefs and for everything bad that he did.

He deserves a very long and harsh sentence and I sincerely hope that he gets it.

As for your mom...I'm sure that she will bounce back, "Mandy."

She's a grown woman and now she'll have to suck it up and make a new life for herself.

This recent chain of events won't lay her out, girl.

No...if she really cares about herself then she'll never give Crazy Charlie that type of satisfaction.