Saturday, April 03, 2010

Crazy Charlie's Last Crime

I lean, holding onto my cane with my other hand, on Crazy Charlie's Volkswagen Bug at Guemes Island, Washington. Crazy Charlie took the photo last year.

I got an email today from an individual who told me what Crazy Charlie did last night.

Read The Story Here

Yeah, that's Charlie,alright.

As some of you already know, I met Charlie last year while hitchhiking through Washington State. He brought me back to his home on Guemes Island.

His home is situated in a beautiful area that is all grasslands, dotted with pines and wildflowers. Hummingbirds flit to-and-fro and the salty tang from the Pacific Ocean fills the air.

It is a Northwestern Eden...except for Charlie Feld.

It didn't take long for me to realize that he's a twisted, evil way. Charlie is a psycho who is all screwed-up.

He has interests in militias, Christian right-wingnuts and other wild-eyed pistol-wavers.

The interesting thing about Charlie is the fact that he's the only person with his type of mind-set that I've ever met that doesn't have a shaved head. At least he didn't have one the last time that I saw him.

"He's kind of bi-polar" explained his sort-of wife.

I just think he's nuts.

And last night he almost killed people, burned down a house and sent a whole SWAT unit out looking for him.

What a stupid idiot.

The most pointed thing about Charlie is that, while I was at his house, he never stopped talking about God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit.

When I left Guemes Island, Charlie sent me death threats via email. One right after another.

I tolerated it until his words got too graphic and then I took his words to court. The judge read what he wrote to me and Charlie was served with an "Order To Knock It Off." That's my words for the legal document that an officer put in Charlie's hand.

That shut him up for awhile but, eventually, Crazy Charlie just found another target.

The victims claim that Charlie owes them money. Now he owes them much more than that.

And with respect to the Holy Spirit, Jesus and God...Crazy Charles Eugene Feld is now
totally overdrawn.


Rei said...

Unfortunately I am related to this man and I don't know if you are in the Island counties any more but I hope you had a chance to warn others about him while you were there. Most of his family hopes he will be put away for a long time, he has been a source of a lot of fear and grief.
Thank you for your post.

Ruthie In The Sky said...

Rei...In case you ever return to this post again, I am wondering just how you are related to Crazy Charlie Feld.
I would like to converse with you further but I don't know you well enough yet.
He has a huge bond on his head right now, and to repeat what a friend of mine said, "it appears that his goose is cooked."
Which is perfectly fine with me...considering the fact that he had plenty of chances to be otherwise. And he blew every one of them. Mean people suck. Feld should have cared about that.

simon said...

i got his link from my close friend here in new westminster canada. wanted to thank you for posting this because i feel i was the only person think hes nut... charlie happen to be my step dad so im glad hes in jail...but i think he deserve more than jail time.. if you catch my drift...

Anonymous said...

Talk about judgement! Lady, do you realize Steven is a "bad" person as well? He is so known as one of the islands druggies with a history . How can what he says be completely believed of the "true" events? As Crazy as Charlie is he is also extremely smart. If that gun had a bullet left in it or not he knew it. You sound as informed as the rest of the people who get their information off the internet.

Look at yourself judging a man you met and stayed " one night". Seems you want revenge yourself for something ... Why did you only just suddenly post something about Crazy Charlie? I'm certain you are under investigation as well. Hmmm

By all means I don't condone Charlie but get all your facts and don't cast stones at a person you don't really know. You pretend to know him, and what the real story is but only two people know the "real story."
Its obvious you have nothing better to do . Try to be productive in your life , stop judging.
And Rei don't bother contact with this woman. The police will contact you if they need your information.

Ruthie In The Sky said...

No, you get your facts straight.

I am quite certain that the investigation is going along just as it is meant to. And nothing that you say to me or to the investigators, for that matter, will change what is true.

(Unless, of course, you produce the gun and hand it over to law enforcement)

Crazy Charlie racked-up a list of charges that he, himself, is responsible for. And from what I understand, he is still hiding information.

But God knows what happened and He will see to it that Charlie gets what's coming to him.

I stayed at Charlie's house for far more than one night. He talked his butt off and took great pains to reveal every side of himself. I didn't just "suddenly" post something about Charlie. And furthermore, I was informed of his activities before the story ever hit the media. I sure will "cast stones" fact, forget that, I will hurl a 1000 pound boulder at that madman. I'm being investigated? ROTFLMAO!! I'll critique Crazy Charlie all that I darn well want to. Another judge already did and HE threw the book at the moron that called him the "Whore of Satan." Only "two people" know the real story? Yeah, I know and one of them is the Prosecutor. Of course, there's also the fire department, the SWAT unit, the hospital staff...
Not to mention the other people on Guemes Island that have been sending me email. But you don't know anything about THAT, do you?
Yeah, I know that Crazy Charlie is "smart." That's why he bought himself a jump suit and a jail cell. That's brilliance in action if I ever saw it. NOT!!
And I'm sure that Rei will do whatever she wants to. I've taken her comments to heart and neither you nor anybody else is going to intimidate her into hindering Crazy Charlie's prosecution.

Anonymous said...

What about his wife. Did she do anything against you. I hear people on the Island hate her as much as Charlie

Ruthie In The Sky said...

I'm not going to put the blame on anyone else for what Charlie did except Charlie.

HOWEVER, I think that when I was up there at the house on Guemes, his wife had a large insecurity problem.

And she believed that standing by her man was the right thing to do.

It wasn't. It isn't. And it never will be.

If she refuses to recognize and accept Charlie's madness for what it is (especially after all this time) then I think that she should pack up and leave the Island.

After all, the rest of the residents deserve to live on Guemes Island in peace.

With or without her.

Anonymous said...

Because I know the family of Phyllis avidly, I know who the first anonymous is, and I am about 99% sure of who the second anonymous is. So, please, dearest relative... you have poked and proded all of this to death and hurt enough many family members, you are just as guilty as Phyllis in the hurt that has been flung around. Leave it be, accept what has been set and move on. GROW UP and PLEASE MOVE ON.

Ruthie In The Sky said...

Are you all through using my blog to communicate with each other?
What a messed-up family!
I think it's about time ya'll either put your dirty laundry back in the basket or take it out, wash it and be done with it, already.
Charlie has ruined his life. And there's nothing that can be done about that now. That's his problem.
The rest of you should learn from his mistake...and yes...move the heck on.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Ruthie, you couldn't have said it better. I can't even begin to tell you how the domino's effect has hit everyone. But no one is innocent in all of this, but some are ready to heal. I just keep hoping that some people will just move on and stop dwelling on what is over and done. I mean, WELL done.