Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Don Blankenship And
The Facebook Rebellion

Montcoal Mine Disaster in photos

The total membership at "Arrest Don Blankenship, CEO of Massey Mines, for MURDER!" on Facebook now stands at 3,265.

That's a large kernel of truth.

In other words, I am not the only one that can see right through that bad man. Obviously, many people can.

And I have read some terrible, cold, arrogant statements that he's made in the past.

Don Blankenship, which I will heretofore refer to as Blankenshit...has publicly (and probably even more in private) blasted every investigative source that has ever attempted to scrutinize his operational practices.

Blankenshit is a two-faced toad with a black soul.

Oh yeah, Blankenshit tries to come across as a caring guy who's just trying to pray his way through this terrible ordeal.

Catch his phony crap on twitter:

But don't buy a damn word of it.

My twitter account (brand new) can be accessed HERE

According to Business Week.Com, "Blankenship lives in Sprigg, West Virginia, on the grounds of Massey’s Rawl Sales & Processing Co., near the West Virginia border with Kentucky."

He belongs in prison.

Let's hope J. Davitt McAteer has what it takes to stand up to Blankenshit and do the right thing. Finally.

"This will be an independent review of the accident and the agencies and we will put together our recommendations on what we can do to improve mine safety overall and prevent another accident like this."--J. David McAteer. Quote from

A growing crowd on Facebook will be watching.

And Don Blankenshit...this time, you won't be able to control THIS union. This time you're going to get the book thrown at you.

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