Saturday, April 03, 2010

Hood River

I was going to post an update about Crazy Charlie Feld. But then I got an email from someone who didn't even have the courtesy to leave their name. And even Charlie, screwed-up as he is, always included his name at the end of whatever balderdash he sent to me. I'll get to Charlie in the next post.

I'm betting, despite what the writer declared, that he or she will peek in here again, at least one more time.

So, instead of sending an email back to this obviously confused individual...I will post my response here.

Project Person:

I have no idea what your interest is in my blog. But I never said that I had a problem with folks from Hood River reading it. My blog is available for anybody to read...that's why it's on the Internet.

And instead of you writing to me and saying something like, "Hi, I'm Joe Blow Shmoe and I really like your blog. I and my other co-workers are getting a royal kick out of following your travels up and down the road. So when your tracker picked us up we just had to write and tell you that you've got some new fans in Hood River. Sincerely, Joe" took it upon yourself to send me this:

[The actual email]: "I am writing in response to your apparent dislike of the viewing of your blog from Hood River. I am the person who shared the blog with other members of our rural resource development team. We are very aware as to how blogs and their tracking are programed to work. I have informed all team members of your recent posting and recommend that they discontinue viewing.
My apologies for following your blog and introducing it to others."

The writer didn't include his or her name.


About five years ago or so, a woman who worked as a loan officer at a local bank in Hood River, disappeared on Halloween night. Her name is Kim Forbes. No one has ever come forward to help explain her disappearance. And Ms. Forbes has never been found.

The subsequent investigation revealed that her rig was found in a parking lot near a Mexican restaurant in Portland. As a result of what was found, Kim Forbes has been listed as a possible victim of foul play.

According to official reports, she spent time chatting with people online.

And you send me a sarcastic, rude email with no signature from Hood River?

I don't care who you're affiliated with, your correspondence is rude and totally unprofessional.

Hopefully it is not a reflection of your so-called "team."

I wonder why you chose to be so defensive. You reacted like I struck a nerve.

Maybe I did.

Always remember and never forget: Don't mess with what you don't know.

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