Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Massey Energy's Fatal Disgrace

"No coal company can succeed over the long term without a total commitment to safety and a significant investment in the necessary training, equipment and personnel."--Massey Energy Company

I heard about the tragedy at the Upper Big Branch Mine yesterday and immediately contacted Gracie Stover by email. Click on the two links below and read why:
The Woman Of The Mines

The Woman Of The Mines, Continues

Last night Gracie wrote:"My step-dad always said that miners had to depend on each other closely - to keep each other safe. The miners now are probably descendants of other miners.

The Upper Big Branch Mine is an old mine, but expanding. I really feel that the company knows that the mine is running out of coal, so figured it wasn't worth spending the money on making it safe. Massey Energy figured they could get the coal, get the money and then get out before something like this happened.

Mining companies continue to say they are safe, but when you check the record you find that there are many, many safety violations that are ignored. The bottom line is money and the greed of the companies. Miners don't make that much money - not when you consider the dangers of mining. Mining pays taxes, but most of the money goes to out of state conglomerates. Mining pays for politicians and judges. Things haven't changed that much. Didn't Sago teach people anything? This one is worse than Sago. What about the next one? And, there will be a next one, there always is..."

And that's just the point here: There appears to be more safety in putting people above the Earth (to a space station) than underneath it (in a mine shaft).

Massey Energy doesn't appear to care...they just gloss over the truth and put a PR spin on the entire situation. And as long as money comes in when the coal comes out and Massey's negligence is ignored...Gracie is probably right...Another terrible tragedy will probably happen again in a mine in West Virginia.

Coal River Mountain Watch

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