Saturday, April 10, 2010

The Miners And The Mission To Make Things Right

Gracie Stover and I have been in close contact throughout this past week. We still are.

She told me about a new group that is developing (990 !and climbing! members as of this writing) on Facebook. It is called: "Arrest Don Blankenship, CEO of Massey Mines, for MURDER!" And I encourage you to join.

This isn't some violent vigilante group, no Crazy Charlie here, instead these folks simply want justice. They want everyone, from President Obama right on down to the red make sure that every piece of coal that comes out of every West Virginia mine doesn't have a dead body attached to it.

Earlier today, I declared on an online message board, that Don Blankenship should be charged with 29 counts of negligent homicide.

And then, hours later, Gracie told me about the new group on Facebook.

Well, great minds think alike, don't they?

I have been across the Internet today and I am now convinced that Don Blankenship is a greedy, unscrupulous, superficial human being.

Obviously, many other people agree with me.

One of those people, is, of course, Gracie Stover.

She is working on a new page that is now part of her excellent mining website. You can visit it HERE.

She also sent me the following comments. Her words are eloquent and powerful:

"To Those Responsible For Managing The Mining Industry In West Virginia:

How can any of you sleep at night? How can you run your electricity without thinking of dead miners?

Montcoal is not the first...over the years, many thousands of men in Appalachia have died for you. Yet you continue to allow it to happen for the money and for the power. Life is cheap to you in mining country.

I grew up in Raleigh County, West Virginia. I'm sure that everyone there knows a miner who has either been killed, crippled or stricken with black lung disease. Even that isn't enough.

You are destroying the environment, the very mountains for more money and more power. I would ask: "When it will end?"

But I already know the answer.

It will end when the coal is gone, when the mountains are flattened, when the streams and fields are poisoned, and when there is no more money for you to make.

You will leave and the people left behind will have nothing. At that time, you won't care any more for them than you do now.

And if some miners die in the process, you won't consider it to be your problem, will you?

It is time for you to accept responsibility. Or someday you will answer for your sins against the miners and the earth that they worked in."

Gracie's words of truth pack a real punch, don't they?

The membership in that new Facebook group has now jumped to 1,047.

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