Thursday, April 01, 2010

Ruthie On The Road, Update

I've gotten quite a few hits on my blog from Hood River, Oregon today. An unusually high amount.

Just so you know, my meter keeps excellent track. Just thought I'd remind you of that.

And according to the National Weather Service, a winter storm is going to cross the State soon.

But that's alright...Tour Guide and I are doing fine here at the motel.

And despite the weather, I am going to buy my first pair of 2010 sneakers next week.

And while the Tea Party Express rolls on and President Obama juggles his promises...Mother Nature is slowly sweeping Spring into the USA.

I am not in a Northeastern flood or in a Southwestern tornado...I am here in Ontario, Oregon...where the leaves will open, the flowers will bloom and the grass will grow.

And Ruthie will spend a little more time off the road.

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