Thursday, April 22, 2010

Ruthie On The Road, Update

I arrived in Weed, California in the pouring rain at 5:30am.

A few minutes later the man who operates the local Greyhound bus stop arrived, too.

However, he showed-up in an old pickup truck with a full-grown Rottweiler in the bed.

He got out of the truck, slammed the door and marched through the rain to grab the now-empty trash cans.

His dog took one look at me and jumped out of the pickup bed as soon as his master's back was turned.

When the man turned around, dragging the trash cans behind him, his dog was on the porch, licking my face.

The man growled, rolled his eyes and mumbled, "That damn dog!"

"I told you to stay in the truck!" he yelled at the friendly animal.

"I'm tellin' ya, that really upsets me" added the man.

He hollered again at the dog.

And I decided that he would not be the right person to ask for help at that moment.

So I pulled the hood of my jacket over my head, slung my backpack over my shoulders and walked off in the cold rain.

I walked all the way up to the northbound ramp to I-5. The rain turned to snow. Nobody stopped. I turned around and walked all the way back into town.

When I got there, a woman in a big, black rig stopped and rescued me.

She kept me at her home for two days and made sure that I ate and slept and got my clothes washed.

But as our time together passed, I realized that she has some serious emotional issues.

I tried to tell her to give it to God, but she wouldn't listen.

Because of confidentiality, I won't divulge a lot of details about her. Weed is a small town.

A snowstorm passed through town yesterday and mocked the daffodils.

I turned down her offer to drive me to the ramp again and walked away from her, instead.

She got my thanks and my pity. I got the sunshine and a stunning view of Mount Shasta.

I had only walked a short ways when a man who cleans carpets for a living, stopped his van and picked me up. He drove me to Mickey D's and bought me a cinnamon roll and a hot cup of coffee.

We talked religion. He is a Jehovah's Witness. I am a child of God.

Our discussion was friendly and we parted on great terms.

He drove me to a better spot to get a ride. And after about an hour, I got one.

A young man with a clever mind, who works for IBM, drove me to where I am now: Klamath Falls, Oregon.

Yeah, Oregon...I'm BAAAACK!!

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