Thursday, April 29, 2010

Ruthie On The Road, Update

I am in an itty-bitty city in North-Central Idaho tonight. It's been a very long day.

But the Wi-Fi here has a good, strong signal. So I think that I'll write for a bit before I go to bed.

I packed-up and left the small-town motel in Council, Idaho this morning and walked over to the laundromat.

My clothes got clean while I took a nap.

Then I changed into some warmer gear and headed out onto Highway 95 north.

And there I was, standing on a truck pull-off, with my pack at my feet and my thumb out. When an officer in a county sheriff's rig pulled up. An officer who, in my opinion, doesn't deserve to wear a badge.

He looked at me through eyes of hate. I know that look. I've seen it on a cop's face before. And I always wonder what that type of cop thinks will happen when he struts on the high wire of his own karma.

"It's illegal to hitchhike and if I see your thumb out again, there will be consequences" he declared.

I mentally leveled a curse on him that I'm sure he felt. But as I stood there with a poker face, I'm sure that he didn't know where that strange vibration came from.

He made me leave the wide, safe pull-off point and sent me walking down a road with almost no shoulder beside it.

And as I left, I noticed a skanky character in a white pickup truck watching me from the other end of the pull-off. As the pissant deputy drove away, the man in the truck slowly followed him.

"Hey, you redneck hoser, turn that wreck around and come back and face me!" I yelled.

I was mad. He didn't return. Lowlife jackasses like him never do.

I took a very ticked-off walk down that long, country road. A bull snorted at me and pawed the grass. I stopped and glared at him. And he literally blinked, backed up and then trotted away.

I didn't take any beef from that bull.

Suddenly, the pissant deputy showed up again and rolled his rig right past me. I mentally flipped him the bird.

I knew that he was trying to catch me hitchhiking so that he could mete out his so-called "consequences." I whispered some serious words in Latin and dropped them on his fading image.

My curses are no joke. EVER. Neither is a cop's decision to put me in harm's way on an outback stretch of highway.

A few minutes later, a man stopped his JEEP and picked me up. We rode together to another small town over 20 miles north.

He brought me to his friend who was just getting off work at a local sawmill. The friend had put the hood up on his aging Toyota and was tinkering with the engine.

"Hey" the first man asked, "Will you take this lady with you up a ways?"

The second man looked up from the steaming engine and gave me a tired smile.

"Sure" he said and did just that.

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