Saturday, April 10, 2010

Life Score: 29 to 1

Two stories ran beside each other in my blog this past week: The fatal tragedy at the Upper Big Branch Mine by Montcoal, West Virginia...
and the travesty of Crazy Charlie Feld's behavior at Guemes Island, Washington.

It is obvious that Feld is a human write-off. He capped his life of bad behavior by recently calling Judge David Svaren "the whore of Satan."

The difference between Feld and those who are mentally ill is the fact that the latter can't help it and the former is just a complete asshole.

Feld represents a faction of society that wants to undermine the United States of America. No, he and his kind don't want to improve anything in our Country. They just want to blow things up and kill people.

Crazy Charlie Feld had a home in a beautiful area, several vehicles, food in his kitchen and a woman in his bed.

But most importantly, he had life. Now, he's probably going to spend a big chunk of the rest of it behind bars. He's a waste case and that's where he and those West Virginia miners part company.

The brave, determined, hard-working miners never had a chance. That explosion wasn't due to their attitude. Their deaths are the direct result of the negligence and arrogance of the company that they worked for.

Here is a partial list and some information about the victims from the West Virginia Public Broadcasting website:

Partial Miner Victim List

The story about the note from the Star-Telegram:

The Miner's Note

and the poem:

Crazy Charlie Feld won't change the life that he's wasted. And no one will ever give those 29 miners their life back, either.

But there's a message to be remembered here. Thirty people made a decision about how they would spend their days. My prayers go out to the twenty-nine who made the right choice.

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