Friday, April 30, 2010

You And Me And Energy

The Gulf Oil Slick


Energy. I wonder how much of it Mother Nature is using to push that entire oil slick onshore?

The news media reported that the slick is sweet and light. I know what they mean but right now no one along that Gulf shoreline sees anything sweet about it.

It's a marine monster...floating in on waves like a juggernaut jellyfish.

It's the only tangible thing left of eleven people who blew to bits and burned when that oil rig exploded.

And that, like the recent mining tragedies, is related to our relentless need for more...Energy.

I thought about this the other day while I was hitchhiking. What breezed by me was an almost constant flow of single passenger vehicles. Just the driver inside and no one else. Single individuals encased in mobile machines that burn gallons of fuel.

It's the light switch we turn on. It's the computer that we use. It's the television that we watch. It's the medicine bottle that we fill, the disposable cup that we drink from in a motel room and the oil in the container that gets changed on a regular basis.


It's our Country's lifeblood. And lately it's killing those who work to bring us more...Energy.

Maybe Mother Nature is bringing us more than a caved-in coal mine or a toxic oil slick. Maybe she's sending us all a serious message.

This isn't officially Earth Day. But it is an official day on Earth.

And perhaps it's time for us all to take an honest look at our own use of...Energy.

No ethical inspector or safety regulation or Federal investigation is going to solve the greater problem by itself.

We're all going to have to team up and cut down on our dependence on...Energy.

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