Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Faisal The Fool

Faisal Shahzad
Edits By Ruth Rader

An open letter to Faisal Shahzad:

Now you're stuck here.

And I bet that's what bothers you the most.

The thing that bothers ME the most about YOU is the fact that you chose to become a United States citizen. And you did it so that you could complete an act of terrorism.
Yeah, you raised your right hand and lied your ass off.

Sick Phony.

You enjoyed the luxury of living in this Country while you plotted against it.

But when it came time to blow up that SUV, YOU blew it.

God stepped in and diffused your project.

You think it's okay to injure or kill an innocent pregnant woman? Somebodies beloved grandfather? A young couple?

That's what could have happened the other night in New York City. It didn't and now I hope that your child grows up hating your guts, Faisal.

I hope that she recognizes you for the pathetic putz that you really are.

You don't belong here. You should be spinning in the sand in Pakistan.

But justice is going to make sure that you never get to go home again.

You will be condemned to rot in the country that you once swore allegiance to. And every day you will be reminded of what you did wrong. There will be no escape, no reprieve...just a perpetual reminder of the treasure that you threw away.

And that treasure is: FREEDOM.

That is what this Country is based on.

Yes, the United States of America has its share of issues. But I believe that we who own the real birthright will eventually resolve all of the problems here. That's the American way.

And while the rest of us make the most of life, Faisal Shahzad... will just rot to dust, locked away and forgotten, in one of the greatest countries in the world.

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