Monday, May 03, 2010

Pushing Closer To A Payback

Louis Lanzano--Associated Press

It appears that the Feds are getting closer to finding the Times Square Tinker-Toy Terrorist. And that is just fine with me.

Some people complained about Federal intervention on Facebook today. I just blew them off.

It's always okay to take a granola stance until the bomb is in your yard.

That's all we need to remember.

I don't know yet if someone from Pakistan is actually involved in this. The Pakis that I know run motels in Eastern Oregon. And they're pretty much hard-working, peaceful people.

I wonder, right now, what they think about this situation.

I've slept under their roof, so-to-speak, on many occasions and they've always treated me with respect. I do likewise.

That's why the suspect in this latest botched car bomb escapade is hard to accept.

But then, I watched the honcho from Iran run his mouth today. And a little while later, Hillary Clinton put him right back in his place.

You know, we in the United States have enough to contend with right now.

So, Mr. Terrorist, why don't you pick up your damned Tinker-Toys and go play with them someplace else.

Before somebody finds you, sticks you in a throw-away junker and shows you how a bomb is really supposed to work.

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