Sunday, May 02, 2010

Time And The Tinker-Toy Terrorist

It was quite a weekend.

And I am disappointed with the bad events that are headlining the National news in the United States right now.

The oil gushing under the surface and the growing slick on the surface of the ocean have given us all something to think about.

And now we have to contend with the Times Square Tinker-Toy Terrorist.


Yeah, the guy who not only botched the job and ran off, but also may have gotten himself on video, too.

What an idiot.

It bothers me that he tried to injure or kill innocent people without involving himself.

Now is that an act of complete cowardice or what?

If he'd really wanted to impress people, he could have gone down to help those folks struggling with the oil slick in Louisiana.

I wish that I could have caught up with that selfish and stuck-on-stupid guy (assuming it is a guy) in that alley. I would have suggested that he go back, disengage the bomb, dump the junk and drive on down to the Gulf.

He could be one of the volunteer heroes right now.

Instead, he is a total Times Square Tinker-Toy Terrorist fool.


It looks like he went to great lengths to create something new for the media to chew on.


Anyway, I have an idea: When they find this crazy clock winder, I think the Feds ought to send him out on a raft with no oars...right into the middle of that oil slick.

Floating around in all of that sludge might give him a chance to adjust his attitude.

And the Feds should send him out to sea with that ugly, yellow clock that they found in his vehicle. Maybe after he stares at it for awhile, the Tinker-Toy Terrorist will figure out something better to do with his time.

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