Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Ninth Message To Whomever Took Kyron

Updated message to whomever took Kyron. Post updated May 17, 2011.

NOTE TO MY READERS: The first message in this post was posted on June 15, 2010. Today I have changed the post date to today's date. And this is the ninth, in a series of updated messages, that I have written to whomever took Kyron and knows where he is now.

You took a serious chance on the day that you took Kyron away.

So, of course, it's a pretty good bet that someone is going to turn the tables and take a serious chance on getting the truth out of you.

You have considered that possibility, right?

I wonder if you will have the spine to deal with it, when it happens.

I see you through younger and older eyes...and I believe that you know exactly what I mean by that, too.

Even if you take alpha out of the equation...somebody is going to know. You can't silence every secret...you only have so many fingers to stick in the intel dam. And in the face of God, even sandbags of money won't keep everyone silent, forever.

You're existing on borrowed time, now.

Kyron is existing, too.

Ah, and there is the rub, right?

We're coming.


Stephanie, Gracie's Mommy said...

What bitter sweet word Ruthie! You're right, we're all hugging our children more, realizing what precious gifts from God they are. And we are keeping little Kyron alive in our hearts. Take care, Stephanie

Anonymous said...

The very thing the perp tried to eliminate will be bigger and more powerful than ever.

Ruthie In The Sky said...

What do you mean by that statement, Anonymous? Please explain. I want to make sure I understand your message. What did the perp try to eliminate?

Anonymous said...

I feel the perp didn't want Kyron in their life anymore. If he is no longer with us, the perp will have to live with his life legacy and an ongoing quest to improve the world as a result of his loss. If this perp is never arrested, the perp will never secure the attention they had hoped for with the event of him being out of the picture.
I fear a complete, senseless tragedy. I hope I am all wrong.

Ruthie In The Sky said...

So you're feeling that someone who knows Kyron personally, took that little boy?

And the person did it because he or she (or them) hates Kyron? Or is perhaps tired of dealing with him on a day-to-day basis?

You think that the person/persons who took Kyron has an overwhelming need for attention?

Yes, there is a difference between a child gone missing and the person who takes the kid. It appears that, in this case, Kyron has gained FAR more attention than the "perp" ever will.

Do you think that will end up being a disappointment to the "perp"?

Will you elaborate more on "ongoing quest to improve the world"? What do you mean by that?

This whole situation, Anonymous, is "senseless".

Anonymous said...

I think who took Kyron believes he/she can't be caught. The perp is selfish to the inth degree. Perhaps the perp won't be unhappy in the end - attention is attention, I suppose for some.
Regarding "...ongoing quest", I was simply referring to survivors that push for new legislation that provides newer, more effective safety measures.
I'm not trying to imply anything other than what I've written.

Ruthie In The Sky said...

"I was...referring to survivors that push for new legislation..."


What do you mean by "survivors"?

I really appreciate your insight, Anonymous.

Emmilie Caterham said...

Ruthie Int The Sky,

I love your site and what you have put together for Kyron:) And also some of other missing children. As I have seen photo's of other missing children on this site. I am sure that Kyron's abductor has come across your site and viewed the letter you wrote to him/her. Your correct, Kyron will never die, even if his physical presence is no longer with us. His spirit will forever live on. Kyron has indeed brought together people from all over the world. I think he has brought recognition to missing children all together. You know..he's reminded us that it's time to focus our attention on the missing once again. As I have stated publicly; 2,000 children are declared in the United States alone every single day. At least 591 have been reported missing in Oregon alone year to date.

Kyron's Law is a positive step that we can make together from Kyron's situation. We were unable to save Kyron. But, we can save the children of today and tomarrow through this law. Thank you for supporting me and my cause. Thank you for your conituing support!

And please continue to hold Kyron in your prayers. His family as well. And pray that he is found and his abductor(s) are caught.

Emmilie Caterham
(The Kyron Horman Petition "Kyron's Law")

The Kyron Horman Online Petition:

Anonymous said...

Thanks for a wonderful website and the way you are getting the word out there about Kyron, with class.

My opinion is different than alot of folks, I believe Kyron is alive. I agree with his mother Desiree, he's been stashed and kept in hiding, or sold on the black market. Wonder if that's where his stepmother came up with 350K to retain her 'criminal attorney' for a 'divorce'?????
Things that make you go hmmmm!

Ruthie, please keep Kyron's picture out there in the world, someone will see him sooner or later.
As for Terry, the stepmother, Daammitt Terry, we all know you had everything to do with this, we know he is alive, stop with the revenge on Kaine, there are other ways that don't include children. Your point will never get across as long as you hold that beautiful child away from his mother. Whatever your problems are, you are making it so much worse. Call the sheriff, try to make a deal in exchange for bringing Kyron home. Terry, the entire world is asking you to respectfully, bring Kyron home. Have him dropped off at a hospital, there will be no questions asked there...just have him dropped off Terry...please do the right thing.
Alot of people have sympathy for you, people will help you. You will be known then as the one who didn't hurt the child, who brought him home. C'mon Terry, ask yourself, 'what would Jesus do?'
Remember, it's not only on the Earth you have to worry about, you have to meet your maker someday and account for everything. Do you want to burn in hell? or dwell in the kingdom of God, it's not too late to ask forgiveness.
Concern for Kyron, Desiree, Kaine, Tony and Terry.

Ruthie In The Sky said...

What I get a grand kick out of in your comments is the fact that you misspelled Terri's name. Fine by me.

After all, who the hell cares?

As for the rest of your comments, I agree. You write very well, btw.

Your comments are so well-written that I am going to include them in a post in my blog. Front and center.

Misskitty1 said...

I think you are gret!
I have to agree with the previous post. I am still holding out hope that Kyron is still alive. How anyone can look @ that beautiful little boy with the sparking smile and want to harm him breaks my heart. I prefer to remain positive and think good thoughts. I believe in miracles and am holding out till the very end. Please everyone keep saying your prayers for Kyron's return (alive, I pray). Karma and the Lord will take care of everything. Kyron's birthday is tomorrow, September 9th. Happy Birthday sweet baby! I as well as everyone else out there LOVE YOU!

Anonymous said...

It is my belief that Kyron is alive as well. At least he was in July.
The authorities are eliminating the one tip that could bring Kyron home. Its very sad and extremely frustrating. They are more concerned about the person giving the tip than they are about taking a minute to check it out. I feel so bad for Desiree and Kaine and the rest of the family, the authorities are messing up. They already know the answer and are not acting on it. Please pray for Kyron.

Ruthie In The Sky said...

That's a really loaded comment you left here, Anonymous. Your comment is brand new to the list, having appeared in the second week of February 2011. Just what, exactly, are you trying to convey to me? Or are you just attempting to con me?
Don't wave a flag in front of my face and then not put it up the pole. If you are really concerned about Kyron's well-being, state your case and make your point.
No one, least of all ME, is in the mood for games anymore, Terri. Oh my, did I just call you "Terri"?!
You sure "sound" like Terri.
(I wouldn't put it past that rodent to post a comment and then sit back and laugh about it.)
You're headed for the grave, Terri...no matter how your legal guy slices it. Do you know how many people want you dead? Whether you are in jail or out of it, you're living on borrowed time, red rat. Believe it.
NOW, IF you are not Terri and you are really a sincere person, then quit messing around and tell someone responsible exactly what it is that you know!!
What do you mean, Kyron was alive in July? How do you know that? Kyron disappeared on the fourth day of June. So where are you getting this information about his status in July, from?
What tip are the authorities ignoring? Who delivered the tip? Why do you think the aforementioned tip is important to finding Kyron at this point?
If you know something, speak up! All of the comments here are monitored. I see them before anybody else does. And it is my decision as to whether or not I choose to publish a comment here. So, if you want to give me some VALID information, fine. Send it here. If you want to do the right thing, then don't just hint at it, DO IT!

siriunsun said...

Real quick, Ruthie; prayer time!!! I don't know if you will want to publlish this comment or not, since it is just something I saw on Facebook a few minutes ago and wanted to share with you........a bunch of folks are getting ready to go to Roseburg this weekend and pass out flyers for Kyron.....Roseburg was choses to put pressure on Terri. Implied guilt.....non guilt, or actual guilt......I don't care; I think it would be very good if everyone who knows Kyron personally could work together, for once, and maintain the same goal of bringing him home.

Ruthie In The Sky said...

AMEN, SIRIUNSUN! Thank you for the heads-up!

Hallelujah! It is about time that the group went there to Roseburg! Shoot, I think that they should have done that a long time ago!

If Terri is still "hiding out" there at her parent's house...then so much the better!

"Witch hunt", Terri? HAH! You haven't seen it all, yet!

Back in the day, Native Americans in certain tribes, used to handle people like Terri in a very unique way: They would gather together, and before banishing the bad person from the tribe, would, as one, turn around. They would close ranks and turn their back away from the person.

Roseburg should start doing that. The community, as a whole, should just turn its back, refuse to communicate and alienate itself from Terri, altogether.

I don't trust her, I don't trust her son or one more individual, either. He knows who he is...and I think he knows that I know who he is, too.

I've said all along, siriunsun, that time will even up the score. And it will.

Just watch.

siriunsun said...

I just pray that Time brings Kyron home alive and safe. As for evening up the score, if this turns out to be all about Terri, Time will have to get in line and take a number in order to even up the score!

Ruthie In The Sky said...

Can I get a "Hell Yeah!!" ?
You are so right, siriunsun!
Terri hides behind her attorney and acts like she's invincible.
She reminds me of that female Asian villian in the movie, "Kill Bill."
That villian thought that all of her henchmen would protect her, too. But they didn't. In the end, she sort of lost her head. +Smirk+

siriunsun said...

You can get a "Hell Yeah"!!! HELL YEAH!!!!! But allow me to differ with you on one point: hiding behind one's attorney is hardly acting invinceable; but much to the contrary, it is acting like a coward.

Here's one thing I have never understood about Miss Terri, if you will indulge me......I have kids, stepkids, and guardianship of one child whose adoption is pending. If any of them went missing, it would not matter what was going on in my marriage or my relationship with any of the other adults involved, I would want the child found. Period. And safe. It was disturbing to hear Desiree report that the good people of Roseburg were not terribly aware of Kyron's situation. "What??!!", this mom asks. Roseburg is in Oregon, and Kyron disappeared in Oregon. Someone who once lived with him and cared for him every day now lives in Roseburg. Her parents live in Roseburg. If she is cirulating, going to the store, going to bars, and whatnot, in the local community, how is it that no one there understands that Kyron is still missing, for crying out loud?! If I were Terri, even in the midst of a divorce, (yes, I've been through one of those, it's NOT impossible to do the right thing)I'd look for Kyron. I'd want him found. Even if I was mad as hell at his dad, he and his dad are TWO DIFFERENT PEOPLE. I would not be able to stop myself from trying to find Kyron. Even if my lawyer advised me not to talk about him or put up flyers, I'd beg my parents and friends to do it. I'd cry my eyes out every day over him. While Terri may not be guilty of the crime, itself, I have a lot of trouble interpreting her apparent apathy, here. Thanks, Ruthie, for lending your space. Maybe we will see some flyers up and some efforts made in Roseburg. Maybe we will even see Kyron. I pray for that every day.

Ruthie In The Sky said...

Thank you for the comments, siriunsun. I appreciate what you pointed out.

In fact, I have just sent an email out to a friend of mine, discussing this very thing.

I have decided to edit it and post it on my blog.

We can all send our opinions and well-written feedback (write from the heart, like YOU do) to:

Roseburg's Newspaper:

Roseburg News Review

Roseburg's TV Station:

KPIC--CBS Channel 4

I encourage EVERYONE who cares about finding Kyron to contact these two media outlets and make your feelings known!

If enough people contact those two media outlets (especially those of you from outside of Oregon) then Kyron's disappearence and Terri's hand in it...won't be secret in that community, anymore.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Ruthie, for your love for Kyron. He remains in my prayers daily, along with his beautiful mom and the rest of his family. I will never give up hope that he's still alive somewhere until presented with incontrovertible evidence otherwise. God did not create that beautiful shining little spirit to be destroyed by an evil person and I truly believe Kyron will get justice and we will be here to see it.

Linda Novak said...

Thanks again for your update Ruthie! I just finished sending an open comment to the Roseburg News Review from the link you posted. I'm going to post exactly what I wrote here in case they don't print it or "modify" it:

To whom it may concern,
I've been following since DAY 1 the case of little Kyron Horman. (He's been missing since June 1st, 2010 for anyone that didn't know this) . When I read that many of you didn't know about this beautiful boy shocks me! For goodness sake, I live in Connecticut!!! You live from 100 to 150 miles away???? I know sometimes people are busy and may not have to watch tv or pick up a newspaper but come on Peyton Place!! Come into the 21st century! ! This beautiful little boy's soon to be former step mom lives in your town. She hasn't at any given time shown a shred of concern or love or decency towards helping to find this little boy she helped raise and claimed to love.! And she is/was a teacher???? I wouldn't want someone like this near my children much less anyone else's! I know alot of you may think nothing about this but whether you know it or not it affects all of us. Just because you don't know him or dont't care because he's not your kid, I dare you to think again. I hope everyone sits down and thinks hard about this. What would you do if your child, or a family of loved one, or neighbor's or co-workers child went missing or worse? How would you feel? You would want or at least hope that people would care enough to help find them, wouldn't you? What Kyron's real mother is asking is very simple, pass around Kyron's information and ask Terri Where is Kyron. I wonder how she'd feel if the same thing happened to her beautiful little girl? How would she feel if someone did the same thing to her?.

This little boy will always be in my heart. I still believe in happy endings so I'll keep believing he's still alive till the very end. What our Kyron has done for me is make me aware of the missing children & adults. Everytime I walk into a store that has a wall of the missing, I make it point of studying each & every picture. And now when I see something, I say something. When an child is picked or hit the wrong way, I make sure I say something or if there's a police officer around I bring it their attention. The worst thing that may happen is that I'm wrong & that's ok. We must all be aware of what's going on especially where children are concerned.

Ruthie In The Sky said...

Thank you for your comments, Anonymous and Linda.
Tomorrow (Feb. 24) we will likely hear from MCSO. They are slated to deliver their status report.
I am hoping that the cops are getting ready to sink their teeth into Roseburg.

Holly said...

Actually, Linda. He's been missing since June 4th. Not June 1st.

Ruthie In The Sky said...

He's just flat-out been gone too long, Holly. And at this point in time, my question is:
What will it take, NOW, to get a liar to turn back into a human being and tell the truth?

Linda Novak said...

Good Morning Sweet Ruthie!
I wanted to correct my typo on my previous message that Holly was so kind to bring to my attention regarding Kyron's disappearance. I stated Kyron's been missing since June 1st. I know it's June 4th. That's my sister's birthdate and I'll never forget any of the details about our Kyron. I'm hoping that MCSO & the FBI have info that they aren't divulging. I'm still holding out hope Ky is still with us. It's unbelievable that a child can disappear without a trace. I hope and pray Kaine & especially Desiree can keep the hope & faith as well. I pray for all of them and our Kyron. I pray for all those missing children that have been found safe, the still missing and especially the ones that are no longer with us. May the Lord keep watch over them all. Thank you again for your site. You are a pleasure to read! Keep Kyron's face out there.
Love Always,
Linda Novak

siriunsun said...

What will it take to get a liar to turn back into a human being and tell the truth? Sadly, that will probably take an accomplice whose story is different from the suspect's story, or an "accessory after the fact" who no longer feels like covering for the guilty party. This is so frustrating and hurtful. I just want to get online or turn on the news one day and see that Kyron is home safe.

Ruthie In The Sky said...

THAT day is coming, siriunsun.

Grubesor said...

Kyron has passed. Terri hurt Kyron in the worst possible way. Desiree wants Terri tried for the murder of her son. LE enforcement is not looking for a live Kyron. Kaine and Desiree both believe and have accepted their son to be deceased. What Kaine and Desiree want more than anything is to find Kyron's remains and bring his murderer to justice. When Kyron's body is found, Terri will be charged with his murder. What Desiree wants Roseburg to know is that there is a murderer living among them. Desiree has seen the death sign.

Ruthie In The Sky said...

Grubesor: Thank you for your comment.
However, I want to know what proof you have that "Kyron has passed."
I am willing to allow you the opportunity to respond. But with all due respect, just because you may think that Kyron is deceased doesn't mean that he really is.
So, I would like to know what you are basing your words on.
Also, I would like you to explain just exactly what you mean by your statement: "Desiree has seen the death sign."
Please respond, thank you.

siriunsun said...

Question: why would anyone want the masses to believe Kyron is deceased without any actual proof?

Ruthie In The Sky said...

Hmmmm...to put it in the vernacular of Charlie Sheen: Duh...#terri!

Furry Bottoms said...

I just noticed, commentor's name Grubesor is roseburg backwards. Is there a connection, maybe?

Keep up with this blog, I may not leave comments often but I do read often. I am also perplexed by another commentor who said kyron was alive in July. Did that person ever explain?

Ruthie In The Sky said...

Yes, I am aware that Grubesor is Roseburg, backwards. I am also aware that you work for an advertising business near Monroe, Washington. I know that you googled "Terri Horman" and found a link to my blog on the results list. I know the latitude and the longitude of where you were when you sent your comment to me. I know if you are using a PC, laptop, ipad, smart phone or two tin cans and a string, when you transmit information to me.
What I don't know is how anyone could take a little kid and then turn it into a sick mind game.
I don't care if someone chooses a monicker that's backwards, forwards or split down the middle: An asshole is an asshole, no matter how he or she spells their name.
Translation: If you have something important to say, go tell the cops and save me the trouble of having to pass it along to them.
No, the person never did explain why "Kyron was alive in July."
But then, no good and decent people have seen Kyron walking down a sunny road, with a grin on his face, yelling, "Here I am!", either.
I think the time has long passed for words...written or spoken...except from the guilty people who hung their own value in this world on the life of one innocent, beautiful boy.
They need to give it up...all of the corruption, lies, excuses and worthless rationale and tell us, all the rest of us, where Kyron is.
Karma is getting ready to strike back in Kyron's name. Believe it.

siriunsun said...

Did Grubesor also explain what he meant by "death sign"? Jaycee Dugard was presumed dead, and Shawn Hornbeck was also presumed dead, with Sylvia Brown giving messages to his parents from "beyond".........yet reports of his demise were greatly exxagerated!!!! I was hoping Grubesor would tell you more.

Ruthie In The Sky said...

Thank you for your comment, siriunsun.
I'm beginning to think that Grubesor (who may be either gender, obviously) is really just another nut in a fruitcake.
A very insensitive one, at that.
I remember the story of Shawn Hornbeck and yes, the stupid psychics who spent the whole time until he resurfaced, telling everyone that Shawn was dead.
He was alive the whole time.
Which just goes to prove that a person with a backwards name might have his head up his backside.
Turn THAT sign on, in the window of reality, Grubesor. Signed, Ruthie Rader...a woman who always uses her real name when she really has something to say!