Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Still Pondering Picher

Interest in Picher, Oklahoma and my posts about it, continues.

As I posted before, Livermore Labs in California checked-out one of my posts about Picher awhile back. And despite my email query, a representative of the labs swears that he has no idea who did it or why.

I received two more comments about Picher over the weekend. You can read them at the end of THIS POST .

There is quite a difference between Larry Mahurin's and Dolores Reeves Chamberlain's comments.

Which makes me wonder: Do those two people know each other?

Did they decide together to send me those two comments this past weekend?

Is it a coincidence that the comments were sent to me at about the same time?

Who is telling the truth about the contamination in that former community?

Is it the sinkholes that caused the Government to step in?

And why, why, why is Livermore Labs interested in the ravaged area that is still known as Picher, Oklahoma?

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