Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Do The Right Thing, Updated

"We love you and we miss you," his mother said. "Please do not be afraid, because the police are going to find you."

"Connect The Dots"

Terri Horman's Landscaper Wore A Wire

"He Is Somewhere And We Don't Know Where"

Do The Right Thing

Tonight many children are missing. One young child, a little girl named Samantha Martyn, is among those in danger.

An AMBER Alert has been issued for her. She is from Canada. Tonight she is believed to be somewhere in or near South Dakota. I am heading to that State tomorrow.

Samantha Martyn AMBER Alert Information

More Info, Photos Re: Samantha Martyn

There is also an AMBER Alert out tonight for Alisa Maier, who was abducted from her own front yard in Missouri.

Alisa Maier AMBER Alert Information

And where is Kyron Horman?

What do these so-called "adults" think about when they terrorize, hurt or kill kids?

As I have watched the Kyron Horman story unfold, I have gone through every emotion that one could imagine.

And I have prayed for a miracle. I still am.

I care about Samantha, Alisa, Kyron and that sweet missing young lady, Lindsey Baum.

Lindsey Baum CANS Alert Information

I believe that every single one of these children deserves the best that life has to offer. And I also know that in each of the above-listed cases, an adult let these children down.

And there is no excuse.

So, tonight...I want the Horman extended family to get its collective act together and bring Kyron back home.

No more press conferences, no more staged interviews, no more billboards and no more excuses.

Just. Bring. Kyron. Home.

And God, while You're at it, please protect Samantha, Alisa and Lindsey. Yes, there must and will be justice for Kyron. But please bring justice for the other missing children, too.

Alisa Maier has been found alive. She is safe! One miracle checked off the list! Thank you, God!

Alisa Maier Found In Car Wash

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