Friday, July 30, 2010

Kyron And The Promise On The Ring

Audio Clip: Kaine Horman/Desiree Young
Interview With James Pitkin:

I watched yet another press conference with Kaine Horman and Desiree Young today. They looked very determined. And although Tony Young wasn't there, I'm sure he is still in the fight, too.

And as I watched Kyron's mom and dad walk through a volley of tough questions, I fingered my ring.

I got it today.

I wanted to get the shiny one with the zircons and the sapphire-tinted stone. But it was too small and didn't fit.

Then I found one made of stainless steel with the following words engraved on it in pretty script: "Love is Patient..Love is Kind..Love never ends."

I slid it over my knuckle and then bought it on the spot.

There are so many sad stories in the world. But Kaine, for the first time, spoke with a spark of renewed strength in his voice, when he said, (Paraphrased) "If you're afraid to come forward, to get involved, put yourself in my son's shoes and imagine what he might be going through right now."

How Desiree stood there and didn't melt into an agonized cry when she heard his words is amazing to me.

Good job, Kaine. You're finding your footing and taking on your role, for real.

Kaine Draws The Line

And Desiree, I hope that you continue to bond with Kaine in a way that will bless Kyron when he comes back.

Honey, he will come back. I believe it in the depths of my soul.

I truly do.

When you stand in front of those cameras and weep, I do, too. Many people shed tears with you.

People around the world have laced their prayers together in a solid chain of hope.

I will continue to "pray without ceasing" for Kyron.

He is on my mind every day.

And even though I am in Indiana now, I still look for Kyron...everywhere.

I still wonder about the possibility that Kyron was at a rest area in western Idaho.

I don't know how Terri can live with herself.

We all know that Kyron is priceless.

Take the words from my ring and hold them in your heart Desiree, Tony and Kaine. And pray that sweet, little Kiara will hug her brother again. Soon.

"Love is Patient..Love is Kind..Love never ends."

Believe it. It's true.


Jeanne said...

I too was very pleased that Kaine showed raw emotion: a mixture of despair, frustration and honest anger. We who care have a tough time with Terri and DeDe, et al, withholding information that may save precious Kyron. But as Kaine said, there must be others who know something and are afraid to get involved. As he choked back tears, he challenged all to "man up." Well done, Kaine. Desiree with her honesty and now Kaine, have a big place in my heart and mind. I'm sure they reached many folks who will come forward. I just know this to be true.

Love your ring. Keep blessing it, Ruthie.

Ruthie In The Sky said...

God will continue to bless it for me, Jeanne. Your words are accurate. Now we need to hear words from someone who knows where Kyron is.