Monday, August 02, 2010

From The Fence To The Door

(Associated Press Photo by Don Ryan)


If Words Were A Map...

There is really nothing left to say.

All that needed to be revealed has already been dragged out.

We all know the basic story now.

At least one person knows where Kyron is.

And Kyron has the right to his freedom.

I feel for Kaine who has had to slow down and take stock in himself, his life and his relationship with his son.

Kaine Horman probably never imagined that he would become a star in the strangest and saddest reality show on TV. In print. And on the Internet.

He has been filleted alive in the public eye. He is wide open. While the door back to his son remains closed.

Questions are being raised about Terri Horman's teenage son on the Internet. And speculation is increasing about Kaine, himself.

And it is very clear, that the key that must be turned, in the door back to Kyron, bears two words: "THE TRUTH."

Perhaps God wants to make sure that Kaine is ready to face whatever is behind that door...before He hands Kaine that precious key.

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