Friday, August 13, 2010

Hell, NO!!!

Sometimes there is a very fine line between crazy people and Christianity.

The so-called "Christians" that picked me up in Belle Fourche, South Dakota yesterday crossed that line last night.

Lisa, a friend of mine on Facebook, said that she was concerned by the video on the Hellfighters website. In hindsight, I realize that Lisa has a good reason to feel that way.

In that refurbished garage in downtown Sturgis, South Dakota I gazed at the huge banner stretched across one wall. It carried one word, "HELLFIGHTERS" amid a flurry of angry flames.

T-shirts with terse messages like "SATAN SUCKS" hung on racks from the ceiling.

But nowhere was there one poster or article of clothing that declared "God is patient, God is kind and God never ends."

Nope, because after awhile, I realized that those people believe that brimstone is God's bottom line.

And when one of the women working there told me to change my tank top because "it's too revealing"...I left.

What I initially thought was a good group of godly people is really a backward bunch of Bible-belching bikers.

And before I left their haven of hate, I told them all so.

Then I walked my tired body and backpack to downtown Sturgis.

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