Friday, August 27, 2010

Ruthie On The Road, Update

I am beginning to wake up here today. But the maddening run from Longview, Washington to Keizer, Oregon to Clackamas, Oregon (where I am today) almost put me in a coma of frustration.

Because of what happened, I have decided to leave Oregon. Permanently. My fragile tie to this sorry State has been severed. So screw-off, Oregon!

I was dropped-off in Ranier, Oregon and traveled from there through to 15 miles outside of Portland (aka "Useless To Homeless People").

I've never seen a metro area of that size with a more messed-up "provider-system" as what exists in Portland, Oregon.

I went to sit down on a guard rail and discovered that the grass around it was infested with ticks. I backed off and when the heavens opened, allowed the cold rain to shower me free of anything creepy.

That is, until I got picked-up by a guy who drove me to a rest area south of Portland.

He was okay until he pulled into the rest area where he asked me to do something that no gentleman will ever ask of a lady. I am a lady but he is no gentleman. And I told him so.

I informed him that I had his tag number and a good description of him. I told him that he better not be registered or on parole. Then I told him that I am a child of God and that God cares for His own. I finally told him that he is a fool for betting his soul on one stupid decision. Then I stepped out of the car, grabbed my backpack from the back seat and slammed both the back and the passenger side doors.

I was now officially in a bad mood.

It took a quite awhile to get a ride out of that area. A great deal of traffic raced by me on that four-lane section of Interstate 5. And that included an idiot in a white van who kept rolling back by me with a finger brandished in my direction.

"Whatever" I thought and began to find it more and more amusing.

Finally, a guy in a small truck stopped and took me on a short cut to Salem, Oregon. When we were only miles from the city limit, Mr. Moron decided to take me down a gravel road toward a ferry. It is a ferry that takes people across a river to a certain part of that City but it also opens to a set of desolate, woodland roads.

"I have to go to the bathroom" the driver announced and turned onto one of the forest roads.

"Well then I have to leave this truck" I said.

"Aw, come on, girl" teased the guy, continuing to drive the truck farther into the woods, "You need a little adventure to add to your scrapbook."

He put his hand on my arm and that's when my aura turned to acid.

No one, and I mean, NOBODY can handle my presence when I get really angry.

And I was angry.

He stopped the truck and I jumped out. He threw my water bottle into the trees and I got my backpack back by mere inches. Then he floored the truck and disappeared farther down that forest road.

I marched back to the main road, flipped open my phone and called 911.

I was stuck out in the boonies in an unfamiliar area and I needed assistance.

And I got it.

A County cop rescued me and drove me to the ER in Salem, Oregon. My left foot had swelled to the size of a softball and hurt like it had been hit by one.

I got a brace and some ibuprofen and then the so-called doctor declared that I had "sprained" my ankle. He ordered x-rays but no MRI.

Later, the quack wrote a diagnosis on my discharge paper: "Mental Disorder, Homeless, Possible Ankle Sprain."

I was transported by taxi to the local women's shelter which is operated by the Union Gospel Mission.

It is a nice facility but they don't allow television or radio and were suspicious of my lap top.

They wouldn't allow me to keep my lap top in it's special protective case and instead made me wrap it in a plastic bag and a pillow case! They said that they were
concerned about drug use, sales and distribution.

I kid you not.

Finally, the other night, my laptop didn't boot up properly and I thought it was broken. No matter what I did, I couldn't access the desktop.

My heart hit my feet. I thought that the computer was broken. I was devastated. And mad.

So I packed my stuff and left that shelter. I'd had enough of their lack-of-concern, negligence and pseudo-Christian condescension.

I walked in the 94F heat up a hill to the northbound ramp to Interstate 5. I ended up staying there all night before I got a ride.

A young man drove me to Gladstone, Oregon and then dropped me off. I trudged from there to Milwaukee, Oregon before I spotted a social service type office. I walked in and asked for help. And after silently sending out a prayer, I got it.

Soon after making a couple of calls, an amazing man in a big, blue van with the image of a heart on its side, came and got me.

He took me to this great day place for homeless people. I got food, a shower and some sleep. Then he made arrangements for a woman to keep me at her house last night.

I ate steak at her house. And she gave me a 2-liter bottle of Pepsi. Yeehaw!

Today I am in the midst of making arrangements to move to a new location. But this time I will travel in a more conventional style. I will have to stay at another homeless shelter for four days. But that is okay. Another friend will pick me up at the bus station tomorrow and will take me over to the Bum Barn. But she will also keep my laptop (she is well-heeled and I know her very well so I am not concerned about it) at her house until next Wednesday.

Then I am heading back East. Where?

Where else?


And the laptop? It's fine now. The man who came and got me in the big, blue van fixed it. And I am using it to type this post right now.



Lori said...

Keep on keepin' on my friend. I am thinking of you and pray for your safe travels. HUGS! Lori

Maria A. Zick-Webster said...

Hello Ruthie,

I discovered your blog today; I am glad that you got your laptop fixed.

Ruthie In The Sky said...

I considered answering you here. I have decided to put a response in my next post.

Anonymous said...

Greetings Ruthie!

Love your cool blog. I keep praying for Kyron's safe return.
Glad you are helping to keep his name and face out there.
Happy travels.

Ruthie In The Sky said...

Hello Anonymous...You appear to get around, don't you?

Yes, I am going to do my best to keep Kyron's name and face "out there" so that he will be brought "back here."

And your prayers are not being ignored. All sincere requests to God are heard. I have it on a good authority.

Nothing evil will ever win in this world. God protects and keeps His own.

And life will continue...with or without your shades on. ;)