Tuesday, October 05, 2010


Boogle. I have been decorating my blog for Halloween. And while I was doing that, I decided to ruin Google's logo once again. I love to screw with Google. Bahahahaha!!

So, instead of messing around with the usual Google logo, I decided to change it to Boogle. As in Boo! it's Google.


Anyway, after I did a terrible thing with Google's logo, I googled Boogle. And I found boogle.

It's a wonderful little website that allows me (the easily amused) to press the boogle button over and over again. Each time I do, I get a cookie.

Not really.

But what I DO get is a little more wisdom to pack into my junk-filled cranium.

I doubt that it will change my behavior but a miracle could spark a more advanced type of intelligence. I wonder what I'd do with that.


Here is my Boogle logo which required very little brain-power to create:

Isn't October a great month?

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