Sunday, October 31, 2010

Goodbye, Joe

Before I get to my updates, I am going to put up this post. It is an open letter to Joe.

Maybe he'll read it and maybe he won't. But I'm going to post it, anyway.

I wish that I'd had a video cam during the past 48 hours. The video would have spoken for itself. As it is, I WAS on camera last night. I ended up on a documentary that will be broadcast soon.

I tried to reach you, and the manager told me that he delivered the message to you. But I never saw you again. That's too bad.

You tried to share a slice of God with me in Greensburg. But you didn't understand that I don't need to meet someone that I already know.

I like to assume that I made YOU think. That my words somehow got under your skin and into your heart, even though you never admitted it.

In the end, you either drove away confused or disappointed. I won't ever be able to fix that unless, by some miracle, you actually read this.

I didn't need that book or the room or the food or the money that you gave me, as much as I needed your friendship. And that, Joe, I never really got.

You barely mentioned your last name and now I don't remember what it is. I wanted to share a cup of hot coffee on your front porch, but you never told me exactly where you live. I would have loved to have taken a ride with you down a country road and admired the changing leaves. But we never dealt with much more than business together.

My left foot is failing. It is getting more and more difficult to walk on it now. I never told you that because I didn't want to bring more drama into the equation than what was already between us.

But when I walked out of Greensburg, every step that I took was painful. I could feel my ankle bone grinding against itself.

My update will tell you what happened after that.

I wish you the best, Joe. I really do. And I sincerely thank you for what you DID do.

But I think you missed your chance to share something far more important with your sister. You were granted an opportunity and you handed it back.

That is sad.

Too many people, especially those who call themselves Christians, live inside a wall. And their fortress includes a filter. And unless someone can pass the "Sacred Quality-Control Test", he or she remains at the end of that "long stick" that you once referred to.

The book that you gave to me spent more time with me in Greensburg than you did. I left it behind.

You never realized that my money won't arrive until this Monday morning. I knew that all along. I told you that I would have it in my hand on Friday because I didn't want you to pay out more to the manager than you had to.

But I'll be alright, Joe.

Money isn't the only point here. It's just related to the "Cynical Christian Inspection And Rejection Cycle" that's so prevalent in this Country now.

Christianity is dying and the "Sanctimonious Saints" are killing it. They're like "Pontificating Parana", eating their own.

I won't have anything more to do with it.

But when I pass by Greensburg again on Monday morning, I will whisper a real prayer for you. Then I will disappear down the road with God. But WITHOUT a final smile and wave from you.

And that's unfortunate, isn't it?

Goodbye, Joe.

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