Sunday, October 03, 2010

A Priceless Act Of Grace

Where Are You, Kyron?

Judas gave up Jesus for a fee. But afterwards, when he happened to look Jesus in the eye, the shame of what he'd done led Judas to hang himself.

Judas learned too late that every soul has a value that transcends any amount of money.

Each person has a choice: Cherish their soul or destroy it.

Kyron Horman's soul is worth more than $50,000. Kyron is a child and his soul is priceless.

I know that his mother, Desiree, meant well when she asked for more reward money. She loves her son and she's desperate.

But inside her heart she knows the true value of young Kyron Richard Horman.

So do I.

Every sane, decent human being does.

If I found Kyron tomorrow, I wouldn't take a cent of that reward money. And I'm homeless. What I own fits into a big backpack.

My reward would be seeing his blue eyes sparkle through those little glasses...hearing his belly laugh...and watching his face break into that adorable, toothy grin.

My reward would be taking him home.

My reward would be watching him run toward the ones that love him the most.

My reward would be watching Desiree, Tony and Kaine wrap him up in a joyous, family embrace.

My reward would be watching their happy tears fall.

My reward would be watching the Country erupt in a celebration from coast to coast.

My reward would be listening to Kyron explain what happened.

My reward would be hearing the media go crazy while they clamored to hear every word.

My reward would be watching law enforcement, searchers, volunteers and web sleuths share victorious high fives.

My reward would be watching justice properly served.

My reward would be a happy ending.

And you can't put a price on that.

So, if you know where Kyron is...consider my words. Search your own soul. Ask Jesus what you should do.

And then bring Kyron back.


Susan, NH said...


Your poem brought tears to my eyes.

God Bless you and your wonderful heart.

With your permission I would like to forward your blog to friends that are praying for Kyron's safe return.


Ruthie In The Sky said...


Sorry it took so long to post your comment. Thank you for the compliment. I would be happy to share my blog with anyone who is praying for Kyron and his family.

Permission granted.