Friday, October 08, 2010

Ruthie On The Road, Update

I realize that I have not continued with my road updates for several weeks now. I have not posted about my travels partly because I am focusing attention on the Kyron Horman case.

And also because I wasn't settled in one spot.

Now I am.

I will be in this small town city for the next few weeks. And, amazingly enough, I won't spend any of that time in a homeless shelter.


I will, instead, be staying in an efficiency apartment (by myself) complete with a microwave, refrigerator and TV.

I am very lucky. In fact, I am blessed.

A man named Joe just happened to pick me up while I was hitchhiking the other day. Before the day was over, he paid out over $700.00 to make sure I had a decent, reasonable and safe roof over my head.

I don't have wi-fi there but I do here at the library. And that should work for the duration of my stay.

Where am I now in Indiana?



Exactly where God wants me to be.

This section of Indiana is experiencing a very severe drought. Pray for rain and do a dance, if you are so inclined.

But, to quote the scarecrow from "The Wizard Of Oz": "Don't nobody light a match."

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