Monday, November 22, 2010

Friends, Music And Montana Magic

I am smiling and very happy tonight.

After making my way across Country, getting shot down in Muncie and enjoying an unexpected vacation in Greensburg, Indiana...and then journeying back to the West again...I am sitting here in Montana...warm, safe and a friend's house...where I will stay until December.

My new friends and I are making plans for me to relocate HERE instead of Indiana. I don't know if I will stay in Montana past the winter months. But I am sitting in a room in my friend's house where I plan to get a good sleep tonight.

I love this house. There is a big wood stove in the living room and wi-fi, too. My friends have SAT-TV and their own space on one side of the house. I have my own room, complete with an over-stuffed Lazy-Boy chair, a private bathroom and plenty of Diet Dew on THIS side of the house.


I'm listening to Bruce Hornsby and the Range. The music sounds good...piano and poetry. Singing and celebration for lucky, blessed me.

Yeah, Baby.

Stuff that in your sock and wear it. LOL!

I went with my friend to the church this morning where I cracked eggs and fried bacon. It felt good to help fix breakfast for a group of hungry young people.

It's freezing cold here...but only outside.

Only on the outside. Believe it.


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