Saturday, November 27, 2010

Kicking Your Can Of Karma

The following is an open reply to comments that were sent to me by a total jerk. The waste case ended up dropping me off late at night, in the freezing cold, by a McDonald's restaurant in Omaha, Nebraska.


Gordon, you are an ass.

How IS your karma today, you P.O.S.?

The only reason that you picked me up was because you wanted someone to talk to for awhile.

YOU could have called the cops after you dropped me off. You could have sent out a request that they help me. But you didn't. And they sure didn't think much of you when I told them what you did.

After you left me out in the freezing cold, at night, in a Mickey D's parking lot in Omaha, Nebraska...God took over.

He left YOU steeping in your own selfish negligence while I stood shivering on that on ramp for three hours.

He walked with me back to Mickey D's (when it became obvious that I wouldn't get a ride that night) where the employees got me dinner and a large, hot cup of coffee. I didn't ask for it, they GAVE it to me. Then THEY called the cops and only to help me find shelter for the night. They were all as nice as anyone could be. When the cops came, THEY were kind and drove me over to the shelter. One of the cops even carried my heavy backpack for me, saying, "I think you've carried it enough today."

The chain of people who made sure that I got food, a warm jacket, a motel room and a ride the next day have nothing to do with you. And you're lucky that God didn't treat YOU the same way that you treated ME.

A couple in Wyoming, who picked me up and brought me to their house, printed off a photo of me and posted it on their wall. We exchange email on a regular basis now. They don't regret giving me a ride all the way to Sheridan two days later. Nor did they mind buying me a motel room and putting money in my pocket.

The group that has taken me in now is working with me on a plan to find permanent housing.

And I not only wash dishes here, you jackass, I also sweep and mop floors, vacuum, clean the bathroom, etc. Today I washed down doors.

But that's not because they ordered me to do it. That's not what this is about.

They and I are now working toward a common goal because it's the right thing to do.

And you obviously have no intention of doing anything right by me.

Enjoy your karma.

Right after I posted, I received an email from someone that I haven't seen in quite awhile. I took photos of him and another guy playing guitars at the Lighthouse Mission in Bellingham, Washington in 2009. What a difference in attitude this other man (Ed Burton) has!

Photo Of Ed Burton By Ruth Rader

Here is Ed's email to me:

"Hello Ruthie- I'm one of the guys in your "Pickin' Two" post Feb 18th, 2009 from the Lighthouse Mission in Bellingham WA. I cant believe it was almost 2 years ago! I ran across it this morning and it got me to thinking. There's so much ground to cover and so many beautiful places and beautiful people (you are one of them)- imagine if we could touch them all...what you are doing is probably as close as it gets. I hope you are doing well. Keep on Bloggin'!"- Ed Burton

We all know that Gordon is too stupid to get the point here. Nevertheless, my point is made.

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Ruthie In The Sky said...

I'm going to enjoy delivering a response. that you?

Oh, gosh, I hope so.

Because I have a verbal finger for you (the middle one) and it's running up to you like this:

Yeah, justice is the Lord's, alright. That must be why a church congregation just doled-out a total of $275 to help get me into my new home today.

Yeah, after you left me without so much as a hot cup of coffee on a very cold night...the Lord saw to it that I got the nice place that I'm sitting in now.

I've got a little Christmas tree with pretty lights and Tom Petty's "Learning To Fly" in my ears.

I'm going to stay here for the winter. I'm going to enjoy this community. I'm going to continue to have great times with my new friends. And I'm going to put my membership in that church.

And you, Gordon...well...BAHAHAHAHAHAHHAAA!!

Here's a warning for you: Don't Mess With What You Don't Know.

Don't strain your peas trying to figure that out.