Saturday, November 20, 2010

Kyron, Kaine And Another Question

Kaine Horman is doing his best to keep his footing in his missing son's case.

And that isn't one bit easy.

After all, nobody ever gave Kaine a manual that explains how to deal with a situation like this.

I suppose that he runs a gamut of emotions every day: Sometimes more on an even keel than at other times.

Every waking hour must be a rough emotional roller-coaster for him.

The question now, however, is this: Is Kaine telling law enforcement everything that he knows?

He can tell the world anything that he wants to but he has to tell the cops the whole truth.

And for the sake of Kyron, that he swears he loves, I hope he does.

Honesty will lead to a better resolution of this situation.

One More Thing: I believe Kaine Horman MUCH more than some of the crazy posters on the Internet.

And Kyron deserves better than the words of a crackpot on a blog comment list or on a message board.


Anonymous said...

kaine deserves exactly what he gets!

Ruthie In The Sky said...

I deserve to get your name when you send me a comment. This is the one and only time that I will publish your comment under the name "Anonymous." And I only published it to make several points:

1. Don't send me any more comments without leaving at least your name attached. If you don't leave your name, your comment will go into the spam filter and I will never see it. Blogger has designed a new spam filter for exactly this purpose. I plan to use it.

2. You made a simple statement about Kaine Horman without backing it up. I would like to know just exactly what you think Kaine deserves and why. And what facts are you basing your comment on?

3. My blog is not a bathroom wall. If you don't have something pertinent to write and respectfully share, don't bother sending it to me. I will ignore it.