Saturday, November 20, 2010

Kyron, Kaine And Who's To Blame?

And then there's THIS video:

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Kaine Horman says that he's not to blame for his son Kyron's disappearance.

I a point.

Kaine broke his marital ties with Desiree and took up with Terri.

Oh sure, his therapist probably told him that his actions never forced Terri to do anything negative to Kyron. But Kaine made the decision to bypass his vows to Desiree and brought Terri into Kyron's life, instead.

And that initial step set the whole nightmare in motion.

And I don't believe that Kaine didn't know what was going on between Terri and Kyron. That's ludicrous. Of course He knew. But Kaine probably figured that it would eventually work itself out.

He probably paid more attention to making a living than worrying about the day-to-day drama at home.

And now he's paying a therapist to tell him everything that he wants to hear.

But that won't change the facts. Or entirely shift the blame.


Kaine's partly responsible and he knows it.

Kyron counted on every adult in his immediate circle right on up to June 4th, 2010...and they all let him down.

And if Kyron never comes therapist in the world will make the reality of Kaine's bad choices go away.

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Ruthie In The Sky said...

Natalie Yager sent the following comments to me for publication:

i am on board with your comments regarding kaine. he made bad choices and it hurts me to no end to think about this. i, too, was the victim of a bad choice on the part of my mom re: her choice of partner AND of the inaction of my father. so in a way, i place some of the blame on desiree, too, though she did say that she tried (or at least asked kaine) for custody of kyron. i also know that the court system with child custody is a disgrace and usually makes thing worse.

UGH. families. this is why i will NEVER bring children into this world and why i'm soooo far away.

thanks for letting me vent! i just need to be thankful that i got out, unlike poor kyron : (