Friday, November 19, 2010

The Right Kind Of Communication

Linda Novak sent me some nice comments today and I like what she said so much that I'm going to share them in this post:

Thank you Ruthie for your sentiments. I mirror your words exactly. If I were Kyron's mom, I would have dealt with Terri a long time ago. I would make her regret ever having those thoughts. It would be an honor to be loved by such a beautiful child as Kyron or any child. Thank you so much for keeping this beautiful little boy's name and face out there. Thank you wonderful lady! Please keep Kyron in your hearts and prayers! Happy Holidays sweet boy!


I sent her these comments back:

Thank you for your kind words, Linda. I am sure that even though it wasn't done before, it will be done after-the-fact eventually.
Terri will face's just a matter of time.
I especially like what you said: "It would be an honor to be loved by such a beautiful child as Kyron."
You are so right.
Kyron is, as we have all said before, truly, "America's Son."
I fully intend to follow Kyron's case to its eventual conclusion.
I made the ornament picture for Kyron because Desiree Young's page on Facebook asked for photos of ornaments that will be put on trees for Kyron.
I won't have a tree but I wanted to post an ornament, anyway. So I did.
They love it. So I've also posted it here.
Keep on praying, Linda. You know that will bring Kyron home.

Many times...words spoken are promises made...especially in the eyes of God.

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