Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Ruthie On The Road, Update

There are strange things going on in the sky these days. First Manhattan and now above the Pacific Ocean near the Coast of Los Angeles.

And there's always a rational explanation for it.

And questions...like: If the trail did, in fact, come from a jet...why won't NORAD tell us WHICH JET it was?

They must know, right?

NORAD knows what's going on up in every inch of our airspace, all of the time, right?

And...In The Final Analysis...I suppose that's all that matters.


I am in a small city in South-Central Iowa tonight. And this time I am in a motel instead of that rest area that I was stuck in last night.

I walked from one end of Mt. Pleasant, Iowa to the other yesterday. That walk included a very high hill. By the time I got to a point where a vehicle could pull over to pick me up, my left foot was killing me.

And one of the fingers on my right hand was in the throes of a full-blown infection. It started with a hangnail and progressed to a hot, swollen, tender, pus-filled digit of pain.

I got several rides...but they took awhile to acquire...

...and those rides led to several from County Mounties. The last one, from Clark County, brought me to a rest area. It was chilly in the building but the State did provide free wi-fi. I made use of it, cleaned out my infected finger and tried to doze. I was hungry all night.

In the morning, I trudged back up the Interstate 35 ramp and back onto my track across Iowa: Highway 34.

I was tired, sore and still hungry.

Finally, a sweet, elderly lady gave me a ride to the community that I'm in now. She took me over to the hospital where I got something to eat. I also got some advice on how to deal with my infected finger.

Now I am just about to take a nap and I look forward to breakfast. I already relaxed in the bathtub and now I'm going to slip into bed.

Tomorrow morning will take me back out onto the road again.

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