Friday, November 19, 2010

Ruthie On The Road, Update

I walked from the Motel 6, which is one of the more modern ones, to Interstate 90, dropped my heavy pack and put out my thumb.

A young woman stopped and picked me up. She ended up driving me all the way to where I am now: Bozeman, Montana.

The woman, who has a strong, Southern California "Valley Girl" accent, is a professional escort. Yes, THAT kind of escort.

She told me all about her business as we drove past Billings, Montana and into a nasty winter storm.

The storm is still going on.

She's a nice lady and a very good driver.

Some of the other drivers that were out on the road today were not.

We saw a tractor-trailer rig completely upside down in a ditch. We saw crumpled vans, cars and SUV's. And we saw a pickup truck flattened and upside down, underneath the huge RV that it had been pulling. The RV jackknifed, flipped and crashed down on top of the pickup truck.

Cops, firefighter/EMT's and ambulances were everywhere.

We made it here by the grace of God and my new friend's good driving.

Now I am sitting in a building in this rest area. I am enjoying the music and the free wi-fi.

It's snowy outside but I'm okay in here. I have a little bit of money for the soda machine and I brought some food with me.

The cops know that I am here and there are cameras in this building. So I am okay for tonight.

Tomorrow I will decide what my next move will be. In the meantime, with the music of Paul McCartney in my ears...Venus and Mars are alright tonight.

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