Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Ruthie On The Road, Update

I walked out to the windy, cold ramp and got a ride. It took hours but I finally rode past South Dakota and into Wyoming.

It was snowing fairly hard when I was dropped off in the town of Sundance. It was wet and cold and not even the local cops wanted to help me.

I walked out of the town and stood under an overpass. I put my backpack on the guard railing and the pack promptly rolled off and into a pile of mud.

It started to snow harder.

My chilled fingers hurt.

I really needed a ride to somewhere warm.

Then an older woman slowed her rig down and smiled at me. She took me to her home and that is where I have been ever since.

She and her husband live in a small northeastern Wyoming town with a population of 800, give or take a few dogs.

Her husband does incredible woodworking, which includes the beautiful cabinets that grace the kitchen. Oilfield work is his sideline occupation.

The woman is an artist and I have encouraged her to write about a story based on one of her illustrations. I hope that she does. I think it will be a big seller.

I'm going to go farther north with her tomorrow to a city by the Montana border.

Then I will resume my journey on the road.

Where will I spend Thanksgiving?

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