Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Thankful Even Though... :)

To All Of My Readers:

I am sitting here in a beautiful home, on the day before Thanksgiving, where I will have a warm bed to sleep in tonight.

I will have a hot shower, clean clothes, good food, TV, music and wi-fi.

I will even have Bear, a large dog who has taken a liking to me. He is sitting on my bed watching me as I type on my laptop.

I did some cleaning in the house today while my friends went to work. They want me to go with them to the big family dinner tomorrow. I think I'll stay here.

It will be great to just stay in my jammies and catch up on things online.

My friends will understand either way.

It is more frigid than Queen Victoria outside! The temperature now stands at 2 above zero.

We are expecting a low of 14 below zero tonight. I am curled up in this comfy chair, wrapped in a blanket, while my friend adds more wood to the stove.

This part of Montana just came through a fierce snowstorm and now we are in a severe, bitter freeze.

This reminds me of the winter that I spent in Alaska. It got so cold that year that a thin coating of ice covered the outside of the electrical outlets in the walls of my apartment.

The long-range forecast is calling for 40 degrees ABOVE zero next Wednesday with (get this!) a chance of thunderstorms.

My oh my, Montana!

I am very blessed and happy. :)

So I wish...

1.) All of the dumb truckers who never looked me straight in the eye
2.) All of the gutless psychos who hid behind the anonymity of the Internet
3.) All of the people who passed me by when I needed a ride
4.) Whomever stole my brand new waterproof, Thinsulate gloves
5.) The pompous staff at a certain "less than Gospel" mission
6.) The asinine woman at a metropolitan library who tried to charge me for using the public wi-fi link
7.) The church congregations that took Christian condescension and unholy hypocrisy
to a new level
8.) The police department, that allowed one of their own, to drop me off late one night, in the middle of nowhere...

...a very Happy Thanksgiving.

Because despite what they all did, I still ended up a winner.

Have a wonderful day tomorrow, everybody.

And to those people on the list, I say...Enjoy your dinner but don't choke on any turkey bones.

*Ruthie In The Sky*

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