Sunday, November 28, 2010

Updated Message To Whomever Knows Where Kyron Is

This updated message to whomever took Kyron Richard Horman or knows where he is right available as a permanent template link and is also being re-posted here. This message was composed by me today, November 28, 2010:

It seems impossible that Kyron isn’t home yet. And it doesn’t make sense. You know that.
I can’t imagine that you are continuing to get any sort of satisfaction out of this situation.
You should be ashamed of yourself. You’re no different than that Muslim loser who got
hoodwinked by the F.B.I.

He wanted to see innocent children’s bodies ripped apart and burned by a bomb made of nails and fuel.
But he didn’t want to feel the horrible effects of the blast. Oh no. He ran all the way down to
Union Station and tried to detonate the bomb by remote control.

The worthless coward.
He’s a lot like you.

You went after Kyron instead of facing yourself. You gutless wuss.
You don’t really hate Kyron. You hate YOU.

And instead of changing what is wrong with yourself, you projected it all on a young boy.

Kyron should be home right now, safe, loved and dreaming of Christmas.

He should be:
1.) Helping to decorate his own tree.
2.) Playing games on his computer.
3.) Eating cookies and drinking hot chocolate with his friends.
4.) Shopping for his family at the mall.
5.) Belly laughing at funny Holiday videos.
6.) Sledding in the snow.
7.) Taking part in a school play.

Just because you’re disconnected from life doesn’t mean that Kyron should be!

Think about it. Honestly. I dare you.

And then bring Kyron back.


Anonymous said...

Exactly! Kyron should be home, it is time. Thank you Ruthie for telling it like it is!


Ruthie In The Sky said...

You are most welcome, NJ. Are you in New Jersey? I get hits on my blog from there.

Hugging Kyron's spirit close,
Ruthie In The Sky.*

Anonymous said...

No, I'm from NC! I wanted to at least leave my initials since I don't have a goggle account! Hope you are doing well!