Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Day And Missing Children

Kyron Horman
without/with glasses
and with dyed hair
-Montage courtesy of Facebook-

You have probably already noticed the new video that I have posted for eight-year-old Kyron Horman. The video, that shows two hands cradling the Earth, is brand new.

The video is dedicated to Kyron and every missing child across the world.

I realize that some of you reading this may be from Bozeman, Montana. Therefor, you may not realize why these missing kids matter.

Please allow me to clear a path through your insensitivity and suggest that you watch the video. Perhaps then you'll begin to understand what Kyron Horman, Alexander, Andrew and Tanner Skelton and Lindsey Baum have become to a group of people around the world.

The Skelton brothers may have been stashed by their father. They might be found soon because they're tied to a possible lead. Kyron and Lindsey, however...just vanished.

And it is now Christmas Day.

Lindsey Jo Baum was 10 years old when she disappeared from McCleary, Washington on June 26, 2009.

Kyron Richard Horman was 7 years old when he disappeared from Portland, Oregon on June 4, 2010.

And they are both featured, along with the Skelton brothers, here on my blog.

I believe the Skelton brothers are an in-family, isolated incident. I have another theory about Kyron and Lindsey.

The Skelton brothers may have been hidden by their deranged father. Lindsey could have been taken by a predator and Kyron may have been sold.

And while this is not a joyous post, it is important.

Because now there are too many broken-hearted families, too many vigils, too many search crews, too many news clips and too many people getting away with crimes against children...for society to just sit and take it one more day.

God sent Jesus to Mankind in the form of a baby. I believe that He did this because He wanted to emphasize just how important children are in the Grand Scheme of things.

Today, a mortal chain of people, separated by Oceans, will be joined together in prayer. We will pray for the safe return of Lindsey Baum...Alex, Andrew and Tanner Skelton...and Kyron Horman.

A reporter recently labeled my concern for Kyron an: "obsession."

Well, on this Christmas Day, as I join a much larger group of people praying for these missing children...I'll say this about that:

I'd much rather be obsessed with bringing children home than taking them away.

These children deserve a Merry Christmas today, too.


Aspergers Families said...

I commend you for your "obsession" and drive to bringing forth these cases. If people didn't have obsession and drive then no child would ever make it home. My child was kidnapped at 2 1/2 by my ex-partner for a year. I am a lucky one, after a year of hell I was able to hold my baby in my arms again. For some that will never happen, but with people like you it gives some the chance to.

lisa ann said...

I was able to read your blog in "desk top version" for the first time this morning and saw this post, and MANY others I never had. All I can say is WOH!! We have the strangest, yet awesome connection Ruthie. I mean, the prayer thing, just floored me!! I love & miss you much, cant wait to see you!!! Xoxo