Saturday, December 11, 2010

Five Sincere Words

Going Back To "Ground Zero"

A friend of mine and I had a discussion recently about a still shot that has circulated around the Internet. We took another look at the still shot and compared it with some other photos. We came to the conclusion that the kid in the still shot looks a great deal like Kyron Horman.

The still shot, of course, is taken from a video. The video was shot near Skyline school soon after Kyron disappeared. And the person holding the camera works for a major media outlet.

And I don't care what has already been decided by the web sleuths. My friend and I believe that the kid in that still shot could be Kyron.

If the child IS Kyron Horman then it proves that the boy slipped right through the cop's fingers. Way back in June. At "Ground Zero."

Now the cops have returned to what might literally be "the scene of the crime."

They're taking stock. Counting heads. And taking names. Over six months later. Again.

If law enforcement discovers that they made a serious mistake on June 4th, it will matter. But it won't be considered as much of an issue if Kyron returns alive.


The official investigation hinges on the cooperation of everyone who was around Kyron on that fateful day. And that, includes, of course, whomever took Kyron. THAT person could suspend this whole scenario right now. Simply by telling the truth.

Five sincere words, delivered in a single sentence, to the Multnomah County Sheriff's Office, will stop this bad dream forever. The five words are: "I am bringing Kyron back."

If you know where Kyron Horman is then don't make the law find him. YOU return Kyron and start a miraculous, new chapter in that boy's life.

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